Sizzling Good Food At Summer House Birmingham.

Sizzling Good Food At Summerhouse Birmingham.

Nestled in Hall Green and with a long history as a community pub, Summer House saw a big refurbishment last year and relaunched as a community Desi pub. Stocking an amazing array of of drinks and serving traditional Indian cuisine using authentic flavours, we thought we would go along and give their food offerings a try.

It’s hard to miss the huge brightly painted building and it’s great that they have such a large car park when the bar boosts a capacity of 200. Being greeted by staff, we were directed around to the busy dining area where the smell of all the herbs and spices instantly gets you mouth watering. It’s a Sunday afternoon and the 90 cover restaurant is busy with various groups and couples, we order drinks at the bar then take our seats to look over the menu.

There is plenty of choice with starters, mains and a great selection of vegetarian options. Feeling rather hungry we both order mixed grills, I ordered the large mixed grill (priced £15.95) and my dining partner ordered the SH special mixed grill (priced £18.95) and we shared a side salad and chilli chips. As we supped away on our drinks, we didn’t have to wait too long before the sizzling skillets arrived pilled with food. We’ve both eaten plenty of mixed grills before but we didn’t expect the huge amount of food there would be on each skillet.

Tucking in, we both were impressed with the authentic flavours and heat from the spice. The chicken wings were beautiful and succulent and melted off the bones, the lamb kebabs and chops were rich and tasty and the chicken tikka was delicious. A firm favourite on both mixed grills were the prawns which were big and juicy. The additional katsuri chicken tikka, malai chicken and seekh kebabs on the special mixed grill were all packed with flavour too. We would definitely recommend the chilli chips, although with all the spices we had ingested, it’s not for the faint hearted.

One thing that really impressed us with the food and the drinks menus was the price, also the amount of food that we got was brilliant.  To be honest, you could go as a family of four and have one mixed with a few sides off the menu and all leave very satisfied.

The staff were friendly and attentive throughout and they also have a huge outdoor space so the kids can run around. As far as community pubs go, this one has everything you need. It’s family friendly, has a great selections of reasonably priced drinks and the food was spot on. As we departed with doggy bags in hand, we knew we would be returning again very soon.

Summer House Bar & Grill

266 Shaftmoor Lane,
B28 8ST
United Kingdom

E: [email protected]
T: 0121 777 1926

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