Solihull based performance coach Arj Thiruchelvam has a new approach to keep us feeling positive during these tough weeks. Arj has an academic background in Sports Science and Nutrition (he’s designed degree programmes), supports normal people keen to get fitter to Team GB athletes, and works with UK Athletics.

Arj’s new ASAF approach is about being Adaptable but Structured, Accountable yet Fun in five steps:

  1. It’s stressful to have to stick rigidly to a set nutrition and exercise plan. Increased anxiety is the last thing we need at the moment so we need to give ourselves some room to Adapt while following a plan that suits us.
  2. Routine and Structure is comforting and reassuring and can give us a reason to get up in the morning, but it must also be flexible. At a time when we can’t control many things and may naturally feel demotivated, diet and exercise gives us something we can focus on and this is invaluable to our mental wellbeing.
  3. Having a journal, flexible training programme and an Accountability partner or group are very effective ways of helping people stay on track.
  4. Modifying our routines to Fun movements and our favourite forms of exercise, rather than movements we THINK we should be doing, is particularly helpful at maintaining motivation. A surprising number of Arj’s clients enjoy jumping and hopping!
  5.  We should be flexible with 25% of our weekly activities while exercising for 75% of the dedicated time we have available.

In addition, Arj advises:

  • Adopting weekly rather than daily nutrition and exercise targets
  • Focusing on having a source of protein at every meal
  • Being mindful about food choices: deciding what treat you will enjoy the most at which time of day, rather than snacking when you feel bored
  • Attempting 6,000 steps a day and more at the weekend, or whenever you have more time
  • Exercise sessions of no more than 35 minutes so you can squeeze them in more regularly
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