Take A Shot! We Try Out Vitamin Injections

For many of us leading busy lives, finding time to look after ourselves can sometimes come at the bottom of a very long list. And while we may remember to take our vitamin tablets and think we are eating healthily, tiredness and lethargy still overcomes us and has worryingly become ‘the norm’ for many writes Claire Fry.

But this doesn’t need to be the case – the answer could lie in a quick hour appointment at a new clinic in the centre of Birmingham, run by an industry leader in her field for vitamin injections.

Following a medical questionnaire and history, I met with Bianca Estelle, Medical Aesthetician and Founder of Vitamin Injections in the Great Western Arcade in Birmingham.

Bianca explained how vitamin tablets were not as effective as many people believe, as just around 8% was absorbed into the body. This is compared to 99.9% of vitamin drips (known as IV therapy), a concept which is relatively unknown but quickly growing in popularity.

We talked through my health concerns, how I had a low immune system and worked long hours, and after answering all my questions she suggested I had the Myers Cocktail IV- a great all-rounder for boosting the immune system. The Myers Cocktail originally came from Baltimore physician John Myers in drip form* and contains B Vitamins, Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin C.

The treatment was surprisingly quick and pain free and I was back at my desk just over an hour later with no side effects that would put me off having it again. In the days following I did notice I had more energy in my day, and drive at the gym which was refreshing.

Alongside this, and to help me with my immunity and continue helping my body cope with tiredness, I was also given a course of Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D3 and Glutathione patches to wear on the skin – and have been easy to use and apply.

For details, prices and dates of the next clinic visit www.vitamininjections.co.uk/iv-therapy-birmingham
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