Take control of your curves with Courthouse Clinics

Take control of your curves with Courthouse Clinics

Winter has well and truly arrived, and while bikini season might seem like a long way off, now is actually the perfect time to put in place your strategy to shape up, and look and feel your very best. Forward planning is most definitely your friend – so don’t leave it until the last minute if your goal is to shape up and slim down in the months ahead.

Whether your motivation involves a fancy frock, a special occasion, your next summer holiday or a long-term lifestyle makeover, Courthouse Clinics Birmingham can help – especially if lumps and bumps in all the wrong places are a key concern. We offer a selection of advanced, effective body contouring treatments that can help you take control of your curves once and for all.

Freeze your fat away

It might sound a little strange, but Fat Freezing is one of our most popular procedures. It offers a fast, effective, non-invasive way to permanently get rid of stubborn pockets of fat from all the usual problem areas such as thighs, tummy, bottom, back and arms. As the name suggests, this treatment works by freezing fat cells, using our specialist CoolTEchÒ equipment. This causes fat cells to die off and be eliminated naturally through the body’s own lymphatic system – but doesn’t damage any other tissue. Fat Freezing is the perfect, pain-free alternative to surgical liposuction – and it achieves visible results after just one session.  (although we recommend a course of at least two or three for the best results).

Say goodbye to cellulite

Another popular body contouring treatment at Courthouse Clinics is Endermologie – and now is the ideal time to begin a course if your goal is to look slim, slinky and smooth in time for spring. Endermologie is scientifically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, boost circulation and improve skin tone. So it’s perfect if your priority is to banish the dreaded ‘orange peel’ skin.

Endermologie is a quick in-clinic procedure that can be carried out in just 45 minutes. A special handheld massage device is rolled over problem areas, breaking down the fat, water and toxins that give skin that uneven, dimpled appearance. It’s not painful, and there’s no downtime. During the process, blood flow is increased, skin is exfoliated and fat metabolism is increased – resulting in a noticeably firmer, smoother, toned-looking body. The best results are achieved after a course of treatments – in most cases, six or more sessions are needed to produce visible changes – so the sooner you get started, the faster you transform!

Call time on saggy and baggy

Another popular body contouring treatment at Courthouse Clinics is skin tightening. Weight fluctuations, the natural ageing process and even certain genetic factors can cause your skin to lose its elasticity over time. But help is at hand: our Soprano laser system can deliver firmer, younger-looking skin, with no surgery or downtime.

Soprano uses high-intensity infrared light to painlessly heat up the skin’s deeper layers, which stimulates the production of collagen. In turn, this new collagen prompts the skin to naturally rebuild itself, resulting in visibly improved surface tone and tautness. Best of all, Soprano can be used on almost any part of the body (or face), is suitable for both women and men, and is safe for all skin colours.

Whatever your aesthetic concerns, we understand that there are lots of different options available, and that so much choice can be confusing. Our expert, experienced team of doctors and aestheticians will be pleased to advise you, and recommend the treatments that are best for you and your individual needs. Call us today on 0121 516 5296 to book your consultation. The new, streamlined you is just a phone call away!

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