Harvey Nichols has launched two new Absolut Vodka limited editions featuring a highly anticipated design with a fiercely powerful message.

To create these latest releases, the team behind Absolut travelled to racist and anti-LGBTQ protests to collect hate and intolerance-filled signs. They then carefully extracted the ink and repurposed it to paint a brighter message on the new bottles, and one that radiates love and positivity.

These collectibles have been released in Harvey Nichols in two highly collectable colours: hot pink and mint green. While the rest of the world will receive bottles with white hearts painted on them, the UK’s Absolut Drop takes pride in diversity and shows a rainbow heart, making them even more sought-after.

The new Absolut Drop Vodka bottles are available from the Harvey Nichols Wine Shop at the luxury Mailbox store priced at £23.50 each.

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