Top Beauty Picks To Complement The Summer Solstice

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year and has traditionally marked the beginning of a season that is filled with beauty and abundance. It takes place twice a year, once in the southern hemisphere and once in the northern hemisphere, when one of the Earth’s poles is at the maximum tilt towards the Sun. This year it will fall on Sunday 20th June in the UK.

Worldwide people have celebrated the Summer Solstice for centuries, often referred to as Midsummer, and known as a time of light, energy, growth and connection. Experts explain that this year the sun is in Cancer, and Jupiter is in Pisces, so you should feel energised and positive, like anything is possible.

We spoke to the team at Harvey Nichols for their top picks to complement the summer solstice.

  1. Odacite Crystal Contour Gua Sha Blue Sodalite Beauty Tool, £40

Gua Sha facial massage is an ancient beauty ritual known for its ability to breathe new life into the skin. Used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, this effective treatment will smooth away the appearance of wrinkles and help to visibly firm the facial contours while awakening skin’s natural glow. When used around the eyes, it helps reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness.

Exceptional quality Blue Sodalite makes this treatment even more luxurious and high vibrational. Blue Sodalite is a stone that encourages harmony and restores peace and inner tranquillity, releasing fears and tensions. Use its grounding energy to strengthen bonds with others, build self-confidence and inspiration, and bring balance into every aspect of your life.

  1. Holistic Silk Chi Facial Massage Roller – White Moonstone, £40

Use Holistic Silk’s pure gemstone facial massage tool to stimulate circulation and acupressure points, leaving skin and facial muscles toned and puff free. Simply incorporate into your daily beauty routine or use at your desk or at the end of the day to help soothe your mind. The two gemstone rollers easily glide over the face stimulating circulation and acupressure points. The larger roller is perfect for the jawline, neck, forehead and cheeks, whilst the smaller roller suits the contours of the eye socket, upper lip and nose area. The motion of the gemstone rollers can reduce puffiness caused by congested lymphatic channels to reveal plump, brighter skin. It can be used with moisturiser, facial oils or just on clean skin.

Gemstones are said to have the properties to absorb energy and convert it into electric energy, each different type emitting a unique frequency, and this White Moonstone is said to stimulate Kundalini energy and perception.

  1. Harvey Nichols Wellness Hamper, £200

Soothe the body and soul with the Harvey Nichols Wellness Hamper. Offering the ultimate in self-care, this transformative collection of products has been hand-chosen to enhance wellbeing and ensure a restful moment of calm. The hamper contains all the must-have relaxation products, from a sleep mask and bath crystals, an Evermore Moon candle, Augustinus Bader lip balm, Harvey Nichols camomile tea, 111Skin Sub Zero De-Puffing Energy facial mask, Odacite Gua Sha and of course the must-have This Works Deep Sleep pillow spray.

  1. Holidermie HoliFace Yoga Set Holistic Ritual Essentials, £180

Holidermie presents the smallest yoga studio dedicated to the beauty and youth of the face. The Yoga Set features a Mini Mat to comfortably lean on facing a mirror; a HoliFace Ball to massage the cheeks and cheekbones from the bottom up and relax the area between eyebrows; a Pink quartz Gua Sha to lift and smooth the face contour; a Pink quartz DuoRoller to relax the facial muscles, firm up the skin and smooth wrinkles and fine lines and an Activating Facial Oil to nourish the skin before practicing.

  1. Holidermie Body Gua Sha, £70

The Body Gua Sha is an exclusive Holidermie creation. Thanks to its various sculpted edges, it helps drain lymph fluid and eliminate toxins, firm the skin and stimulate blood circulation. Good lymph circulation helps rid the body of toxins and damaged cells. The massage movements should always be directed towards the heart, gently and with varying pressure. The aesthetic effects of lymphatic drainage are particularly visible in combating cellulite and water retention.

Holidermie has chosen rose quartz which is recognised for its physical benefits in combating skin aging since Ancient Egyptian times. In lithotherapy, rose quartz represents love and is linked to the 4th (heart) chakra; it symbolises calm.

  1. natureofthings Fortifying Magnesium Soak 227g, £34

natureofthing’s award-winning Fortifying Magnesium Soak works on multiple levels – alleviating pain and discomfort, detoxifying and hydrating the skin and enhancing an overall sense calm and wellbeing. Powered by magnesium chloride ecologically sourced from salt mines in the Himalayas, it absorbs fully into the skin to ease discomfort, enhance relaxation and promote a better night’s sleep. Papaya enzyme combats inflammation and alleviates muscle soreness while passionflower augments the bath’s soothing properties. French green clay exfoliates and detoxifies the skin, drawing out impurities.

  1. ESPA Positivity Candle 200g Positivity Candle 200g, £35

To help you see the world in a better light, burn ESPA’s brightly scented Positivity Aromatic Candle to ease negativity. This hand-poured natural soy wax candle is infused with the unique Positivity Signature Blend, which harnesses the potency of aromatherapy oils using a spirit-lifting combination of jasmine, gardenia and rose geranium which provide a burst of joy, while the confidence and vibrancy of bergamot and sweet orange are a fragrant reminder to focus on the positive.

  1. This Works Stress Check Breathe In 8ml, £16

This Works has you covered for the days when you’re woken by your to do list – not your alarm. Stress Check Breathe In is a soothing rescue remedy to help you breathe more easily, calm your senses and reduce tension from the moment you wake. Small and compact, it is the perfect companion to guide you through your day. Simply glide onto wrists and pulse points at any time to relieve feelings of stress, or roll into the palm of your hands and take five deep breaths.

  1. Choi Time Damask Rose Tea Buds, £19.95

The Choi Time Teas are beautiful to look at and beautiful to taste. A range of Chinese flowering teas which, when added to a pot or glass of hot water, will unfurl into a scented, floral vision that will delight the senses. Presented in stylish glass jars, they look stunning on the shelf, allowing you to see the beautiful teas and tea balls inside.

The Damask Rose Tea Buds are an excellent herbal tea to relieve anxiety and stress. The Chinese also drink it to boost circulation and to give their skin a healthy glow.

  1. Nikita by Niki Clear Quartz Crystal Infused Elixir Glass Water Bottle, £40

As well as being a thing of beauty, Nikita by Niki’s gorgeous Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle contains a glass dome that allows water to touch the healing crystals within. The rubber screw base keeps the precious crystals securely in place and ensures that the 500ml bottle remains leakproof. It couldn’t be easier to swap the crystals depending on your mood and requirement, and the pieces are simple to wash by hand between uses.

Clear quartz is one of most abundant crystals in the world and is therefore tied into folklore and spirituality around the globe. In no small part due to its own clarity, it’s often linked to focus. Many believe that it connects to all chakras, helping to clear the mind and allow energy to flow, thus promoting strength. The crystal has a hexagonal structure made of silicon dioxide. This substance is present in the human body and the Earth’s crust, which is why many proponents consider it so important and powerful. As health authorities normally recommend drinking two litres of water a day, why not infuse yours with a healing boost of clear quartz?

All products are available at Harvey Nichols Birmingham or via Click and Collect.
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