UK’s Celebrity Caribbean Chefs Bring Nationwide Supper Club Tour to Birmingham

UK’s Celebrity Caribbean Chefs Bring Nationwide Supper Club Tour to Birmingham

The Original Flava Brothers have teamed up with Grace Foods UK for a country-wide supper club tour that is visiting Birmingham on 18 May.

Grace Foods UK, the name behind some of the UK’s most popular jerk sauces and seasonings, Encona hot pepper sauces and chilli jams and some of the nation’s favourite drinks including Nurishment, Grace Tropical Rhythms and Mighty Malt, is partnering with the Original Flava Brothers Craig and Shaun who are taking their popular supper club concept to Moor Pool Hall in Harborne. 

The Supper Clubs include a two-course meal, a cooking masterclass by Shaun and Craig and an unlimited rum punch hour.

Supper Club diners will be the first people in the UK to experience Craig and Shaun’s exclusive Grace Jamaican Honey Jerk-infused recipe. And the Supper Club tour is the official launch of the new Honey Jerk seasoning too, which will be available to buy in major supermarket groups this summer. The new seasoning has been available to buy in some independent retailers since the beginning of this year.

The UK is the springboard for the launch of Grace Jamaican Honey Jerk Seasoning in Europe so Supper Club diners will be among some of the first people in Europe to taste the seasoning as Craig and Shaun will be using the new seasoning in their main Supper Club dishes, Honey Jerk Fried Chicken paired Curry goat and the vegetarian option of plantain and chickpea curry with jerk jackfruit marinated in Grace’s Jamaican Honey Jerk Seasoning, rice and peas and salad.

Talking about the collaboration with Grace Foods UK for the Supper Club tour which visits Birmingham on 18 May,

Craig and Shaun said: “We’re so excited to team up with Grace Foods UK on our first nationwide Supper Club tour. We’ve grown up on their products from our Mum and Nanny teaching us how to cook as young boys to now showing our own kids so we’re really proud of this partnership and bringing their iconic products on the road with us.”

Along with the Original Flava Brothers being the first chefs to use the Grace Jamaican Honey Jerk Seasoning in their Supper Club dishes, the partnership will also see Grace Foods UK supply Encona Hot Pepper Sauces to the Supper Clubs along with Grace Foods UK’s best-selling drink Grace Tropical Rhythms, which is available in Mango Carrot, Pineapple Ginger, Fruit Punch and Sorrel Ginger flavours with the Fruit Punch drink set to be a tasty addition to the Original Flava Brother’s legendary Rum Punch. The drinks are made from a blend of fruit and vegetables, and the Mango Carrot, Pineapple Ginger and Fruit Punch drinks are also full of vitamin C, a good immunity-boosting source.

Grace Foods UK will be supplying Craig and Shaun with Grace Tropical Rhythms in its brand-new format, one-litre Tetra packs, which launched earlier this year.

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