West Midlands Entrepreneur Leads The Property Market By A Mile

Bobby Singh, 39, is an award-winning business owner, a practising Sikh, a devoted husband and father and one of the most recognisable business leaders in the Midlands.

The proud entrepreneur is the brains behind, and quite literally the face of, Love Your Postcode & Performance&™ – a property group which has brought a breath of fresh air to the British real estate and business community.

This winter a collection of over two thousand digital billboards and screens, feature an image of his son Ekongkar Singh wishing everyone a moving Christmas, can be seen on some of the country’s most prominent establishments such as the NEC, ICC, Frankfurt Christmas Market, Birmingham Bullring and Grand Central. Through these bold campaigns, the business is marketed as a ‘No.1 Performance&™ Brand’. So, what does that mean exactly?

Bobby Singh explains “…We chose not to compete with traditional or online estate agents, but instead chose to create our own market. Secondly, we created products that were heavily results and time focused. Thirdly, we challenged ourselves to stand out, create a brand and a make a real difference in the minds and hearts of the next generation on the best available network of out of home digital screens supplied by Nick Smith of Elonex .”

“We looked at the various availble property models and analysed the flaws. The core values were always the same, home-sellers want a distinguished and reputable brand, local expertise, transparency, and care. Speed of sale and a final price that was promised on the outset are also two key factors. I say ‘final’ because too many inflated prices are slowing down the market at the mid to top price bracket. So, we created a performance property brand backed by a personal guarantee in 2009.”

Anyone that has had the pleasure of meeting, or speaking to the tenacious Bobby, will know that he’s certainly done it his way, by becoming the face of British estate agency – “I take inspiration from my faith, which is full of stories of valour and great courage.” he added.

“Stories that allow me to be proud of our unique identity and what it represents in the modern world. Every day I look in the mirror whilst tying my beautiful crown, I think about each layer and the immense amount of sacrifice my ancestors have done for our freedom to play a bigger game. This is not just a cloth, it’s not just threads, it’s million interwoven promises that are upheld by any individual that walks this path”.

“Our forefathers have always shown us how to be completely successful in both our spiritual and material lives. This is what I aspire to and daily I keep the principles of truth, integrity and absolute commitment at the centre of every decision.” But despite riding high on the business’ success, his feet have never left the ground. Trust, care and hard work are the traditional values that Bobby leads his life by and are what have influenced him to use his business’ presence to give back to his 33,000 avid fans and followers on LinkedIn.

Moving from headline sponsorship in 2018 to ‘official property partner’ with Grands Design Live; a channel 4 series that has been gracing our TV screens for twenty years. Kevin McClould was heard quoting, “Mr Singh just can’t put a foot wrong at the moment. We have seen him go from strength to strength since sponsoring ‘Ask An Expert’ last year.

The show has really benefitted from his stage talks, impeccable knowledge and charming character.”Recently winning the title of ‘Sikh Businessman of the Year’ at The House of Lords and ‘Most Influential Businessman of the Year’ at the MBCC Awards, he takes time out of his busy schedule to speak at high profile sell out events across the country.

As an expert in his field and exuding natural charisma, Singh is called on for his open and honest talks which centre round his journey from PwC to leading the property industry within ten years – this winter alone his group headline sponsored Birmingham Awards, Brit Asia Awards, Festival of Enterprise, Midlands Media Awards, White Boxing Championships, Variety Children’s Charity 70th Black Tie Ball and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s UK Tour. Assisting in raising over £75,000 for charities such as Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Variety and Love Brum.

Putting a face to the usually faceless property industry, clients of Love Your Postcode can expect an entirely personal and professional experience when selling, buying, renting a home across the country. And of course, a sprinkling of personality from its founder.

Find out more at: www.loveyourpostcode.com or call the team on 0800 862 0870
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