Why Quality Home Marketing Beats No-Deal Uncertainty

Bobby Singh. Esq, Founder of multi award winning property group Love Your Postcode tells us how to market residential property in a way that sets a new ceiling price, no matter how dominated news cycles are by Brexit speculation.

Over the last few months, it has become impossible to watch the news on TV without having to sit through at least ten minutes of speculation about Brexit. Will there be a deal? Won’t there be a deal? Will the country collapse and resemble a relatively modern village from the Stone Age if no deal is agreed by 29th March? If you bought into this speculation and the hype it generates, it would be easy to hesitate before making any investments and spend the next few weeks stocking up on tinned food. It is important to remember that whatever happens in this ever-changing
political andeconomic time that we’re living through, people will always value quality. When it comes to homes, if you use innovative marketing to show people that their best lives can only be lived at the home
you’re selling, then they will see the investment as an essential purchase, which they should make regardless of what various commentators are saying as they enjoy their patisserie selections on various TV shows.


How will you be able to persuade someone else to love living in your area if you don’t love it yourself? When a prospective buyer visits your home for a viewing, you need to be able to tell them about your area’s perks. Where is the best place to dine? Where are the best shops? Where are the hidden gems that very few people know about, but many people love? Giving people an experience that they’ll remember for a long time when
they visit your home will make yours stand out in their minds when they compare your home to every other property they’ve seen that week.


You need to make sure that everyone who might see an advert for your home has the money to buy it. Ask your estate agent if they have a preferred waiting list of national and international vetted clients, to whom they give early priority access to the homes they market. Even if speculation on the news exacerbates perceptions of risk in the market, those with the most to invest have the resources and experience to see through the speculation and identify the wonderful investment that your
home represents.


Regardless of how pessimistic news bulletins may be, consumer confidence will always be swayed in favour of powerful brands. Trust is everything in this business. If consumers see an estate agency’s brand five times a day across different media channels, they will believe that the agency is far more superior or dominant #morelion than its competitors and will trust them to sell their home faster and for far more money, regardless of the economic or political climate in which they are selling.

In independent research conducted nationally, buyers only chance price negotiations with home owners directly or online pay upfront models who have no interest in performance and achieve 5% below the High Street average.


When news cycles are full of doom and gloom, nothing cheers people up like indulging in a bit of luxury and spoiling themselves and their loved ones. You need to make sure that your home is included in their luxury
shopping. That means that you need to sell the executive lifestyle that new owners will enjoy both inside and outside your home. If people are gifted with the opportunity to live like bosses, they’ll spend like bosses. If they are only offered a home, they’ll buy a different one.


When people walk up to a property, they want to walk into a paradise of luxury and calm. Walking through rainbow coloured oasis will set your
home apart from anything else they are viewing. You’ll allow them to feel as though they’re stepping out of a world fraught with political uncertainty and into a utopia which they will certainly enjoy for many years to come. Adding vases of flowers to tables throughout your home only adds to this wonderful experience.

Quality will always have value, and the opportunity to invest in quality is always spotted by those with the experience and resources to identify what they want and then buy it immediately. If you can present this quality in your home’s marketing, you will sell to your ideal buyer for the asking full price and more. If you do not communicate this message effectively in your marketing or fail to reach the greatest audience, then you may struggle to sell your home in light of negative Brexit speculation.

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