Year Seven at Hallfield

Launching in September 2020, Hallfield School is creating Hallfield Seniors to educate pupils 11-13 years of age
in preparation for entry into regional independent schools and national boarding schools. Hallfield School has a distinguished history of educating pupils for entry at 13+ and they believe, as they have just celebrated their 140th year as one of Birmingham’s most distinguished Prep Schools, the time is right to expand their offering to both their current parents and the wider Birmingham community to become the only Birmingham Prep School offering co-educational education to 13 years.

With excellent facilities, extensive 20-acre grounds and specialist teachers with experience of teaching senior school pupils, Hallfield is well-placed to deliver a unique Prep School education within Birmingham.

Why 13+?

Their reasons for extending their schooling to age 13 are essentially two-fold: Choice and Ambition. Traditionally, pupils entered Public Schools as boarders or day pupils in Year 9, at the age of 13 years. Whilst Hallfield will continue to excel in its preparation of pupils to gain entry to highly selective schools at 11+, they know that starting a new senior school at the end of Year 6 is not the right pathway for everyone; they are providing parents with a greater choice and a chance to realise their aspirations.

Some parents wish their child to receive a broader and more traditional education and either commute or board at regional or national Public Schools. Many parents feel that at the age of 11 years, their child is not ready to either commute a longer distance or board. Hallfield used to feed into this traditional model and pupils from Hallfield have attended schools at 13+ such as Harrow, Eton and Uppingham, to name a few. These schools have international reputations for the quality of the education they provide and world-class facilities. They are currently working closely with partner schools at Adcote School For Girls, Bromsgrove, Malvern College, Malvern St James, Old Swinford Hospital, Repton, RGS Worcester, Rugby, Shrewsbury School, Shrewsbury High, St George’s, Warwick School and Wrekin College.

Equally, some pupils need more time to mature and develop in the familiar/more secure environment a Prep School can offer. Pupils can also take entrance exams to local selective independent schools for entry into Year 9, where fewer children compete for places compared with entry at Year 7.

To find out more call 0121 454 1496 or email [email protected]
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