3 Pieces of Business Advice That Never Go Out of Fashion

3 Pieces of Business Advice That Never Go Out of Fashion

Summer time is easy in my wardrobe. It is shorts and shirts with flip flops or comfortable shoes topped off with a baseball hat. After all, I am American.  When I sit back and look at people’s businesses as they prepare to retire or even to start spending less time in the business and more time for themselves. They are living in a “summer wardrobe” business. writes dluxe Birmingham & Solihull’s Business Editor Bart Dalton.

Analysing businesses is similar to building a wardrobe for all seasons.  The simple things we need when we start in business are:

  1. A pair of shorts and a pair of jeans: Having a product to sell and someone to do it.
  2. A small collection of t-shirts: Simple budgets and financial goals.
  3. Functional set of shoes for all occasions: Website and marketing materials.

Steve Jobs and Peewee Herman have one outfit that they wore all the time. It made it so that they did not have to think about making the clothes match. It also made it so you couldn’t discern the nature of the meeting by the attire being appropriate to match the scenario.

Your business might be set up for all seasons but let’s look at the things you need to add into the business closet. Here are the fun accessories to make sure that you can not only show up, but be noticed when it comes to this little soirée called success.

  1. Hat and Sunglasses: You need to have some messages or communications that get you noticed and stand head and shoulders above the rest. Become a thought leader in your arena and make sure that people think of you first when it comes to the problems you solve.
  2. Sport Jacket or an amazing handbag: This really gets back to having a 3-5 year plan for your business and the people involved in it. Do you have career paths mapped out for your top employees? Does everyone know how many clients or profit levels you want to achieve? The reason these are like a sport jacket or amazing hand bag is that they will be on show when it comes to how your business looks from the outside. It is also a great place to store lots of unnecessary stuff until you decide to have a clear out.
  3. Healthier you: there is no substitute for this. Clothes look better on healthier people and so does business. No matter how great your business is or your superior intellect people are animals and make snap judgements that take some time to rebound from.  Get your self sorted. It takes time but you will have fun doing it.

Autumn (or Fall as we Yanks call it) is in full swing. The new year is barrelling down on us. It’s time to add to your business wardrobe and make sure you don’t have that same old tired look; there’s nothing worse than feeling classic yet looking dated.

Sometimes even in a simple wardrobe you need to have an upgrade. Don’t let your jeans get thread bare, update your products and packages to match the type of client you are looking to attract.

If you have had the same shirts, financial plans, then maybe it is time to make sure they fit properly to your current business physique instead of just adding on a Cost Of Living adjustment.

Lastly do your shoes still fit comfortably and do they match the rest of your wardrobe. Website update? Make sure you and your team have a digital plan. If you don’t plan to add to your wardrobe make sure the items you have make you look as good as they can.

Bart (BD) Dalton, Director of Taurus Wealth Management and Author of True Gravity, has a passion for helping people maximise wealth. Wealth is the ability to live life in a manner that makes

Need any other ideas or want to add even more to your Business Wardrobe?  I would love to help. Visit my website www.bartdaltonconsulting.com for some blogs, tools and other fun content.

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