Booklet printing costs and potential ROI for your business

Booklet printing costs and potential ROI for your business
Booklet printing costs and potential ROI for your business

If you are considering booklet printing online to help with the marketing campaigns for your business, there are a few different things to consider. You’ll have a marketing budget in place (or in your mind at least) and this gives you a starting point when searching for a trustworthy and professional printing service that will help you with your project.

The right printing solutions for your company will come with specific reasons that match your company, the type of marketing you are looking to achieve, and the specifics of the printed booklets you want to put together at this point. For any business, you must look at the costs and the potential return on investment as a result of the marketing. If it makes sense and will help you grow your customer base, it is always worth looking at. We’ll look at the associated costs of printed booklets, and how best to put marketing literature together to have maximum impact on the reader.

Printing costs for promotional booklets

The printing costs for promotional printed booklets will depend on a few factors. These include, the size of the booklets, the stock (type of materials) used in the printing process, whether you require assistance with the design of the material from the printing company, and of course the size of the print run.

Where you can maximise the cost effectiveness is through custom size booklet printing, ensuring that you are getting exactly what you need, a tailored approach that some printing companies offer as a solution to maximise ROI.

How to maximise ROI for your business through print marketing

The purpose of any marketing campaign, whether a traditional print marketing tool or through online and digital marketing, is to increase brand awareness, find new customers, to get eyes on new products and services, to increase sales, and to increase profits ultimately. Making a good return on your investment depends on a few key factors when putting together printed booklets for a new marketing campaign.

Make the right people see the print – one of the key factors of any successful marketing campaign is to make sure that you target the people who you want to see it. Once you have put together the printed booklets for this campaign, do you know how you are going to get eyes on it? This is an essential component of any print campaign. You can direct mail them to existing customers, take them with you to exhibitions and big industry events to hand over to people in person, or hand them over directly at different times in different situations. However, you choose to hand out printed booklets, go for maximum impact where there are the greatest numbers to target.

Create an unforgettable print – printed booklets are intended to catch the eye of the reader (and potentially any person within sight of it!). Think about a creative and effervescent design that will stand out and really get the reader thinking about your brand, your products and services, and your company. Make sure that your company colours, logo, and brand aesthetic are all included within the print, as this will help you to increase brand recall and future brand exposure. The highest quality of print will have the desired effect on your target audience.

Have a clear CTA (call to action) – it is important that your customers and future customers understand what the next steps are after they have read your printed booklets. This will very much depend on what your intentions are. If the booklet is desired to attract brand awareness and interest, make it clear where people can sign up for newsletters or email marketing letters. In other cases, you might want people to contact you directly to enquire for products or to purchase products and services from your company. Offer a compelling discount to readers of the booklet, or a promotional deal to help reel them in.

Stay relevant – the imagery, professional photographs, and print quality will all help to draw in the eye of the reader, but you need copy within the printed booklets that makes sense, is relevant, interesting and makes them want more from you. If you can make the advertising exciting and relevant, it will ensure that the readers reach out to find out more about your brand.

A strong printed marketing campaign with a strong call to action will help your business to maximise ROI and get eyes in the right places.

For printed booklets or any other type of traditional printed marketing material, it is important for your business that you work with a printing company that has the perfect solutions for your specific needs and budgets. If you can discover a service where you can purchase printed booklets at a cost-effective budget without diminishing the standards of the print finish and design, you can enhance the impact this has on the reader and maximise the ROI for your company.

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