BUSINESS: The A – Z Approach To Getting New Clients

BUSINESS: The A - Z Approach To Getting New Clients

The nine-hour flight from Seattle to London was monotonous, writes dluxe Business Editor Bart Dalton. Food, video, game, read, drink, video, try to sleep…repeat. I am not a great traveller to say the least. When will they create a teleporter so that I can just be there?

The funny thing is that I experience the same thing when it comes to building or expanding a business. People go through the same motions. They want to sell more so they start a marketing plan and then they make sure that they hire some more Business Development Managers and hire more staff as they expand build a large payroll.

Most business owners would like to have a business teleporter to get them from point A to point Z without all of the hassles of getting new clients and going through the monotony of building a business brick by brick. So I went to the tool chest and gathered a number of Business Accelerators; I haven’t found the teleporter yet! Here are three things that are working for us and our clients right now.

1. You may have a face for radio but it’s time to make a movie.

We are really into video. If you are on Linkedin or Facebook or any of the other social media channels right now then you know that videos are killing the proverbial radio stars right now. The algorithms on each of the platforms are really looking for you to create videos through their software. Note: you can import the video, but it doesn’t get you the ranking that you need or want as fast. When you are creating videos make them fast, fun and informational. They need to grab the attention of the viewer without the sound on. Use subtitles. Be real and have some fun.

2. A word is worth a 1000 pence.

Do you help your client through situations that they cannot do themselves, or that they don’t want to do themselves? Well its time to pick up your smartphone and record some of your thoughts. If you are not typically a person who likes doing too many things that involve thinking or effort then here is a trick to create a blog very rapidly. Record your voice on the phone or to cut out a step download a programme like and automatically have your voice transcribed.

Choose a topic that is very pertinent to you and your clients. Have some fun giving them the 5 min synopsis of why they need to pay attention. Then list out the problem. Follow it up with a solution that will take them back to a lot of time or giving you more work. Use your personality and get people on board.

Once the recording is transcribed get your website team to post it up as a blog and if the recording is good enough and has decent recording quality. Let your voice and tone shine through in an audio download of the information. If you want to get really tech geeked out then you should be able to go to a programme like lumen5 and build a slide show off the back of the blog and that will give you another video for your arsenal.

3. Chill out man.

All of the tech in the world will give you too much information and lots of things that you can do all day long with no rest. So I have really found the need to make sure that I am centred when the world outside and inside is telling me that I could work one more hour.

I have gone back to make sure that I can refocus the mind and make sure that I am running at a great pace without burn out. I have found these two apps to be very helpful when it comes to getting my head straight. and both of them do two things that really make sure that you are getting back to mental health basics.

1. Routine
2. Giving you more YOU time.

Taking time out each day to reflect and realise what you have is an awesome thing. We do not do it enough. If you want to take it to the next level you can create a Meditation Room like Ax in Billions. I guess if it worked for him and his billionaire lifestyle then it might be ok for all of us mere mortals.

Here is your extra.

Create a morning routine that does not include everyone else’s news.

1. Stretch
2. Breath
3. Read
4. Reflect
5. Plan 3 things that you you will do to create success today.

Technology will take us to new places that we have never seen before. Not currently getting rid of the 9 hour flight from Seattle to London but with the tools that I have talked about in the article. If you have any questions about the article above or you have an idea I would love to hear from you.

Email me at [email protected] and look out for our Business tech conference on the 24th of October call Disruption 2018. It will be a fun look at Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things
and Autonomous Vehicles and how all these combined will bring about the next revolution.

Have fun and safe business journeys ahead.

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