For businessmen and women who feel like they’re drowning in a sea of unhappy staff, unmotivated work spaces and uninspiring atmospheres, Cherie Concannon is a life boat. The Australian high performance leadership coach has a proven track with many high caliber businesses of generating impressive results and helping clients of all industries achieve their business and personal objectives.

In this day and age, it’s a proven fact that many of us decide to take on too much too fast. It’s easy to overlook the simplest things within your business, but Cherie Concannon helps you to refocus your goals and aims, as well as help to build confidence within your workplace, whether it be on an individual or team basis.

Calling herself a ‘success coach’, Cherie responds to the needs of business leaders – typically directors and senior managers – of private and public sector organisations, company owners and senior officials in public bodies and government. This dynamic approach provides leaders with the means to manage, mentor, or teach employees within the context of their ongoing coaching relationship and to extend Cherie’s influence to all areas of the business through one, easily managed point of contact.

“There are a number of reasons why people work with me, but essentially it boils down to the fact that they feel that they are either going backwards, stuck or keen to move forward and want guidance. For the individuals with whom I work, I am their champion, friend, guide, mentor, therapist, sounding board, teacher and ‘the person who knows a person who can,’ which means that if they need something I will work out how they can get it.  I can sum up my objectives with each of my clients in a few words – progression, harmony, satisfaction and reward,” explains Cherie.

Cherie Concannon aims to achieve optimum efficiency and increased productivity with individuals, teams and organisations.  Her techniques have transformed hundreds of businesses and thousands of business people.  An individual or organisation will seek out Cherie’s services for many reasons including conflict or politics between colleagues; performance drops within individuals or teams; individuals who wish to take their next step on the ladder but aren’t sure where to start, as well as allowing people who work in high pressure circumstances to work through the stresses of their workload and manage it efficiently and effectively.

Not only can Cherie work with businesses on a one to one basis, she also takes her service out on tour, with her Concannon Connection events. This is a vehicle she uses to connect with people who may be interested in her services. It is a monthly complementary event to guests who are interested in learning more can hear all about Cherie and her work, both from herself and from key clients and case studies.

For more information about Cherie Concannon, her work and her events, you can visit her website at


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