Three Essentials to Help you Beat The Winter Business Blues

Brrrr it is cold outside and unless you are selling coats, skiing holidays or even better trips to a very hot, tropical paradise then you are in the throws of fighting your way through the X-mas and New years blues. dLuxe readers are usually very clued in on fashion and how to make themselves look amazing.

Now let’s do the same for your winter business wardrobe.


Just like a good pair of shoes or a nice belt this will be something that will serve your purposes for the year ahead but really powers up things today.

Contact all your clients this month. Not via email or a news letter

Thanks them for their business.

Ask them what their goals are for the year ahead.

Next ask them this “If there was one obstacle today, in the way of you reaching that goal, that I could help remove what would it be?”

Get them a gift. Make it small but thoughtful. It might be a nice book mark, a simple book, a magazine or subscription. Make it show that you understand what they are all about. It is not about the cost it is about the thought. (One of the best presents I ever got for Michelle, I think, was a small diary that I had written a thought day that made me smile about her. I had done this daily for a year and gave it to her on her birthday.)  That might be kind of creepy to do that to a client but the thought process is the important bit.


I know not all of you want to pontificate and tell the world what you think like I do, yet your clients hold you out as an expert in your field or at least the alternative they choose. So how do we capitalise on that so that they look to you as an resource?

You need to write short and punchy articles about your areas of expertise. People want to look smart so give them fodder. Tell them 3 secrets, 5 things to avoid, the only things you need to know to…

Make short videos using your phone and make sure that your YouTube channel, yes you should have a channel to store your video content so that you can link it into your website.

Create a podcast that isn’t sales or specific product promotion for your company. Easy way and the program I use is Spreaker. Check out an example

Get a relationship paid or free depending on what you can offer. This is PR or Advertorial, you need to be tricky here because today’s consumer is astute and they can spot too much cheese from miles away.


This is the power of True Gravity and where you need to get to. Having a board of directors hand picked at the same level as you are or even better, where you want to be.

Have a quarterly meeting with 4 people who will make sure that they give support and don;t let you lie to yourself about business.

Share marketing ideas and sales troubles. Then work together to create solutions to make it around the problems that they/you are all having so that you can create traction and practical applications. Example if you are having problems getting into a specific client then you can either use each other to build a plan to get in or you all can create a set of tools to get into that specific client and the niche that they are in

Your board can also network together and go out Hunting In Packs which creates a true pull of new business and power partners. More in my book about this, True Gravity.

I have been talking about Objectives, Strategies and Tactics for the past 5 years to my clients. The Objectives are your long term goals(Turn over, profits, number of clients in 1,3, and 5 years) Strategies are the 4 focuses that you are implementing(New client engagement, New product, Referrals) and lastly you have Tactics which are the things that we do on a daily or monthly basis(Regular client contact, seminars, specific marketing, sales focuses.)

I love threes and I know that these three tools will make the year ahead easy. If implemented correctly can fulfil your big goals for this year and beyond.  Focus on delivering things from the 3 to a high standard and you will reach your goals.

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