Free Business Mentor Sessions With DMU Business Experts Up For Grabs

DMU is a resource for Leicester’s business community, now more than ever following the news that the city is facing two more weeks of lockdown.

DMU is a resource for Leicester’s business community, now more than ever following the news that the city is facing two more weeks of lockdown.

To help support business leaders at this unprecedented time, DMU’s Leicester Castle Business School is offering free coaching and mentoring with its business experts Andrew Nicholson and Alex Morgan.

Between them they have decades of experience in working with corporate clients, freelancers and companies helping them to set business goals and plan ahead.

But don’t just take their word for it. One of Alex’s clients is Amanda Cole, commercial director of marketing and communications company Hundred Brands, a B2B multi-national.

“It’s tough at the moment. Going through unprecedented times, is going to bring up a lot of issues for businesspeople,” said Amanda. “Having someone to talk through options will help bring clarity.”

Amanda first met Alex when she was brought in to help the company’s new management team develop and introduce organisational culture change. Her coaching was so effective that they retained her services and Amanda said working with Alex has paid off professionally and personally.

She said: “Coaching has allowed us as a management team to see where our strengths and weaknesses have been, and I personally still refer back to some of the work Alex and I did right at the beginning.  Sometimes you can get stuck and go round in circles because you are too close to a project or a problem. A coach can help you to take that step back and reflect.

“The other thing that I have personally found useful is learning to deal with what is in your control zone, and what isn’t. You have to ask yourself ‘can I do something about this’. If you can’t, let it go and that has been something that has helped me focus on what I can influence.”

Amanda still meets regularly with Alex both as part of the management team and as she plans her career goals throughout the year. She added: “It really is important. When you think you haven’t got the time to meet with a coach, then that’s when you probably need it most.

“Alex has helped us as a company and me personally and if businesses get the chance to be coached by her for free, they should take it.”

DMU is offering free mentoring and coaching to Leicester businesses to help them through this unprecedented time.

How do I apply?

 All we ask is that you are 100% committed to your own personal development.

  • 100% committed to your business
  • Able to be open and honest about your current business goals
  • Willing to discuss and debate with your coach/mentor
  • Willing to be challenged by your coach/mentor
  • Willing to make achievable and motivational goals for yourself and your business
If you would like to apply, please email [email protected]

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