After the shock of the local lockdown in Leicester last week, we hope you have been able to regroup (again!) and plan for when you can reopen your doors. If you are in the county and did open, how was it? Did everyone behave?! This week if you do have time on your hands, or if you want to keep moving your business knowledge forward, we’re excited to signpost you to some free additional support with Business Gateway Growth Hub.

We’ve talked about them before, but The Business Gateway Growth Hub events team have reacted quickly to the re-lockdown situation and turned their face-to-face workshops into an extensive online webinar programme, ensuring you/we can keep developing skills remotely, and for free.  What’s not to love?

Without sounding like a broken record, we genuinely can’t stress enough how great this FREE service is, but in a nutshell the Growth Hub provides comprehensive business support, impartial advice as well as capital grants of between £2,000 and £25,000 to small and medium-sized enterprises in Leicester and Leicestershire. The business advisers are ‘real’ people and their knowledge and experience is second to none.

The webinar programme they offer covers a wide range of business topics to inform, educate and inspire those working for themselves, plus business owners and staff wanting to make the most of the current circumstances.  Whatsmore, they’ve sourced experts in their respective fields so you can be sure each webinar is professional and most importantly, useful!

Topics are varied and include areas such as

  • pricing,
  • personal productivity,
  • contingency planning,
  • purpose and strategy,
  • well-being,
  • sales,
  • marketing plus many more.

Having attended a few, they really are a great way of adding additional strings to your bow.  There is the option to interact throughout so you can create rapport with the presenter – they even send the slides to you afterwards, so you can refer back to them as and when you need to. And did we mention it was all gratis?  Lol.

They are also running larger webinars focused on reopening business, led by legal and health and safety experts plus some of the largest local businesses – Dunelm, PPL PRS, Twycross Zoo and Curve to name just a few – all advising how they are, or will, be reopening their businesses safely.  This type of information is priceless, and it really is great to see businesses in Leicestershire working together during this time.

To find out more, simply take a look at the full webinar programme
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