Is This The Life Change You’ve Been Waiting For?

So many of us are feeling scared right now; fear of economics and finance, constant uncertainty, a lack of routine and lack of contact.

So, my question? How can you use what is happening right now to define you?  Amanda Daly, The Turnaround CEO, considers the question and offers her top-level insight here.

No one could ever prepare for this. Right now, many of the fears we carried about ourselves in the past now seem so insignificant compared to the void many of us are potentially facing.  Everything that you may have feared could now be happening. So many businesses face a crisis one of which we have not seen in decades.

However, let’s take a breath, and consider; – What is happening now could be the very life change you have been waiting for, so how are you choosing to respond?  I watched Brene Brown – The Call to Courage – available to watch on Netflix, btw.  Right now, what she spoke about is so relevant to what we are experiencing in these crazy times:

‘Defeat or be Brave. Have Courage and Show Up….’

Take this opportunity to change all about you and your business. Use the current events to inspire and lead those around you and be that force for change.

“Sometimes bad happens to create good…If you are in the arena, fight…Vulnerability is the most accurate way to measure courage,” Brene Brown.

Negativity is bred and fed from news and social media. Try to get out there and create your own positive news, in any way that you can.  Now is the time to dig deep and recreate. Use this available time to get creative, review and reflect. Often when busy on the hamster wheel of life, we beg for quality thinking time; take advantage of what now is being given to us.

Easier said than done, but try not to let the current situation define your story. Take the opportunity to BE who you want to BE. We always look for the worse (difficult not to in times like now) But, what if we are looking for the best and seized all opportunities in front of us. There will be many.

Be grateful for what you are, who you have around you and what you have. Use all around you and take that fight to the arena. You can beat this.

Amanda Daly is The Turnaround CEO.  In her words, she “helps people and businesses reach their full potential. You sometimes have to stir the dirt at the bottom of a bucket and rinse before the water becomes clear! This is exactly what I do, I challenge a leader or Managing Director, to become the best at what they do or what they can do”.

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