Make 2018 your Michael Jackson year. It’s time to Beat It.

Make 2018 your Michael Jackson year. It's time to Beat It.

I could make a number of references that you are expecting from me like, 2018 will be a Thriller or 2017 was great, but 2018 will Beat It or even the horrible thread like 2018 will be the year or the horribly tenuous This year we Wanna Be Startin Something writes DLUXE Business Editor Bart Dalton.

On our holiday in Sicily this year, my wife Michelle, the kids and I were working our way through Spotify’s playlists with the songs selection organised by decade.

As we sat there, focused on all the songs we remembered, a number of points came to mind: the nineties were too full of boybands, the ‘00s were anything but and caused little reaction or alarm and the 1970s with their shiny disco boots and battle between glam rock and prog rock divided opinion between the generations.

There was one decade however that we all agreed on, the 1980s. WOW! The Clash, Duran Duran, Oingo Boingo- youtube ‘em, but over the entire holiday, the one song that kept getting played, and that my daughter Talia continued to sing, was the King of Pop’s Man in the Mirror.

Which leads me to this. You’re going to stare at yourself daily and let me tell you that you are your own worst critic.

You know how I know? Taking the time to read this far means you are on a self improvement track and that means you are working all the time. Things are never good enough and that is a great thing. If you control it that is.

Let 2018 be the year you focus on your brand; both personally and in business. Brand is what your clients and friends and other people say when you are not in the room.

When we are standing staring in the mirror at ourselves and our business we have to remember that no matter how smart, skilled, energetic, caring or just amazing we are, until someone is our client there are only certain things that they will see in how they assume we handle ourselves and our business. So here is how to Heal the World. (Sorry couldn’t miss the opportunity)

So this issue here’s a gift from me to you. Personally. Three things to do to improve your personal brand and three things to do to improve your business. You will know if you have read either of my books or listen to my podcast that I love to give away threes.


Tidy and focussed. You don’t have to spend lots of money to look good and keep your hygiene one step above what you expect of others. This can be as simple as making sure your shirts are pressed. As a reader of Dluxe you will have some knowledge of a fashion that suits you. Just make sure you look the part. Your personal appearance is the first assumption people make.

Smile- This is such a powerful tool. It makes you feel good. A smile also makes people feel engaged and shows your confidence. Subtle showing of your teeth is primal to show that I have the tools to get the job done, but I won’t use them unless needed. Or if you are a bit funny a smile makes people wonder what you are hiding.

Punctuality- Show up on time or before. It shows respect. Start and finish meeting in the time that you allotted.


 KISS (I know it’s a Prince song)-Keep it simple, Stupid. Keep your presentations and explanations simple. You don’t have to prove everything you know from day one. The more you keep as part of your intellectual property the more profitable you will be.

Black and White- Not every client will be one of yours. There are Android People and Apple People, there are Suit/Tie all the time and Suit/Tie only at weddings people choose your people and only try to appeal and attract them. Marketing and sales campaigns should only focus on certain niches.

Remember the time- when you started your business- you need that hunger again. Remember that it is hunger and not desperation. Persevere and plan getting new business, but do not chase.

When you have taken some of these amazing points and applied then to you and your business, you will make this your foundation year. Get ahead of your competition. Make your move and get Off the Wall. Make it an amazing day to Grow, Sell and Retire.

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