Leaving the EU and its former trade deals has meant that there has been an explosion of new regulations, tariffs and ways of reporting to Customs and HMRC to contend with, and many more still yet to come as deals are negotiated and confirmed.

To ensure you can continue to trade with Europe – and the world – and be confident that you are following the new rules correctly, the Business Gateway Growth Hub has launched their EU Connections campaign, which aims to make this period less confusing, helping business leaders in Leicester and Leicestershire to focus on running their operations and trading successfully.

The Business Gateway Growth Hub has created a team of dedicated business specialists who are on-hand to offer guidance or signposting to the right information or resource.  Their support is fully funded – so free to access.

The Growth Hub has developed a range of easy-to-access resources, including a website and dedicated telephone helpline with skilled experts (Mon-Fri).  Their team of expert trade specialists are also on hand to offer 1-2-1 consultations for more complex enquiries.

A critical component of their EU Connections toolbox is a useful program of webinars that can be viewed live, or on catch-up via their website (

The upcoming Rules of Origin webinar, focussing on Avoiding Tariffs and Charges is scheduled for Wednesday 3rd March (3:00pm-4:30pm).

Business leaders are invited to attend this webinar if they have been impacted by the EU Exit; businesses selling goods into the EU that are not wholly manufactured in the UK, and which rely on components, materials and ingredients from a range of origins; or those looking to see if there is an export market for their product.

This 90-minute webinar will focus on:

  • An overview of the rules of origin and where you might fall foul.
  • Some classic examples of where companies are falling foul.
  • How to ensure your products comply with the rules of origin to avoid tariffs when selling to the EU.
  • How to plan and move to full compliance.
  • How to audit your supply chain.
  • How to onshore elements of your supply chain to ensure compliance and invest in local skills and work.
  • Where to find additional help and support.

To reserve your place, follow the link below:

As well as a program of ‘live’ webinars, they have a back-catalogue of webinars to watch again in case you missed them.  One of their ‘watch again’ webinars is: Understanding Rules of Origin within the context of the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement

This 60-minute webinar covers the key topics you need to know about under the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), including free circulation of goods, preferential trade and customs and compliance.

With new content being added daily, the website brings you expert content and up to the minute support in the following topic areas:

  • GDPR and the EU
  • Import, Export and Transport
  • Business Resilience & Planning
  • Brexit – where are we now?
  • Support from
  • The EU Exit and the Environment
  • Finance and Business Support beyond the EU Exit
  • Business Regulations and the EU Exit
  • Marketing and Selling into Europe
  • Business Contracts and Insurance after the EU Exit
  • The EU Exit and You

Register NOW for the Avoiding Tariffs and Charges webinar on 03/03

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To book a dedicated 1-2-1 with an expert practitioner, or to view the current webinar programme, go to and simply book your slot.
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