Top Tips To Promote New Products And Boost Sales

Creating a brand new product requires a lot of hard work and time. Here are our top tips to promote new products and increase sales.
Creating a brand new product requires a lot of hard work and time. Here are our top tips to promote new products and increase sales.

Creating a brand new product requires a lot of hard work and time. Unfortunately, this does not stop once it’s finished, as launching and promoting are another half of the equation. Even if you have created the best product available, promoting it properly is what will help you succeed in the long run. Ignoring this step can result in missed opportunities and it may also lead to losing money down the line. This is why it is important to be prepared and use marketing tactics that will ensure you succeed in your new venture. Within this article, you will find our top tips to promote new products and increase sales.

Offer Exclusive Previews

One of the most important aspects of promoting a new product is connecting with your loyal customers. Apart from buying the product, they are also more likely to promote it within their networks. Therefore, it may be beneficial to offer them an exclusive preview in the form of a pre-launch party, an online tour, or a demo. This could also be a special invitation to test the product out and give you their honest feedback. Not only is this a great customer engagement strategy, but it is the perfect opportunity to show them how much you value them.

Create Effective Objectives And Key Results

Another key thing that you can do is set effective objectives and key results, which will ensure that your team is focused on what really matters. If you need help with OKR planning, be sure to reach out to 1ovmany, whose consultants will guide you in implementing OKRs. They will also provide you with ongoing support with OKR training and coaching to ensure lasting success. Thanks to 1ovmany, you will learn how to think beyond what is possible so that you can achieve remarkable results, boost sales, and promote your business.

Organise A Social Media Contest

Social media contests are an easy and fun way to connect with your audience online and attract more customers to your business. Facebook and Instagram are both suitable platforms where you can run your social media contests. It may be best to offer the winner a chance to get their hands on a new offering or get it at a discounted rate. You will need to announce this contest across all your marketing channels to ensure it reaches as many people as possible. This includes your website, email newsletters, and even paid ads.

Write A Blog

Writing a blog post on the newly launched item or service will allow you to go into depth on all the features and benefits customers can expect. You can share the link to this blog post via your social media channels and email newsletters. This will help get the word out about the new offering, which will make your customers even more excited. For example, you may want to talk about the story of how it was made, what problems it will solve, and situations in which your customers can use the product.

Host An Event

Events offer the perfect opportunity to engage with your audience, get new prospects involved and win them over as customers. Moreover, organising an event does not have to be complicated. You may want to host something as simple as an info session or an open house. Alternatively, virtual events or webinars can be another effective promotional tool to reach customers worldwide. For example, hosting a Facebook live will help you show the product to your audience and highlight its features. It can also be beneficial to work with an influencer, who can help you create a special event and unveil the new offering.

Create A Subscription Model

Although it may not sound like a marketing technique, offering your customers the option to subscribe is a marketing decision. This strategy will help you position your products as ones that will be everyday essentials. Creating a subscription model may take more time and work than other marketing tactics. However, it can be a great way to ensure recurring revenue from your new product. For example, if your products require refills, a subscription may include an auto-renew feature on a standard schedule. Alternatively, you could provide a subscription to a bundle of monthly items, where customers can choose from a large selection.

Share Customer Reviews

Often the best way to promote a new product is to let your customers promote it for you. If you offer some of your customers a free trial or a complimentary upgrade, you can then ask them to write reviews online. This will provide you with material for testimonials, which will be invaluable when rolling out the product. Customer testimonials will help you build trust and create an emotional connection with your audience. They can also be an effective strategy to focus on the benefits of your products, which will position you in a positive and reputable light.

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