Business owners – would you like to get expert help to plan the next few months and where it will take your company?  DMU’s Leicester Castle Business School is offering 30 hours of free mentoring and coaching for business leaders in Leicester to support them as they try to move forward from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

The idea came from Associate Professor Enterprise Andrew Nicholson, himself an experienced business mentor and consultant. Who firmly believes in the power of coaching to develop and grow companies.

He said: “If people who have not worked with a mentor or coach before it can feel a bit daunting. But having someone in your corner who is challenging you, listening to your ideas and helping you plan can make an enormous difference.

“There are business books and information online, but what a coach has is a personal connection. They are able to give you personalised advice that is all about you and your business.”

Meet your new business support team

Andrew, who has been at DMU since 2015, began his career as an operations manager in civil engineering managing multi-million-pound projects.

In 1996 he left the corporate world to launch a consultancy and training business, sharing his expertise with start-ups and social enterprises, helping them win new clients. As a business counsellor for Business Link, he helped hundreds of small businesses across Leicestershire, Derby and Northamptonshire.

He’s now been advising companies and mentoring business leaders for nearly 25 years. He will help you formulate business plans – and stick to them. With Andrew, you will make effective decisions and understand how your product can thrive in the current business environment.

He will make sure you work on your business, not just in it.

Working with Andrew is DMU business coach Alex Morgan, who will help develop your dreams and make them reality. Her expertise lies in helping you set motivational goals, and ensuring those goals work with and for your personal circumstances.

Both mentor and coach will help you become an impactful and engaging communicator, so that you become a perfect brand ambassador for your business.

How do I apply?

All we ask is that you are 100% committed to your own personal development

  • 100% committed to your business
  • Able to be open and honest about your current business goals
  • Willing to discuss and debate with your coach/mentor
  • Willing to be challenged by your coach/mentor
  • Able make achievable and motivational goals for yourself and your business
If you would like to apply, please email [email protected]
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