Sprucing Up Your Home Office

Home Office - Ken Tomita
Home Office – Ken Tomita

When you work from home, your home office is important. Working from home is a great way to cut commuting time and maximise your productivity, as we’ve discovered in recent times. Perhaps you started working from home along with millions of others out of necessity, but now you’ve realised this is the new status quo and you’re looking for ways to spruce up your space and make it a more inspiring environment to work in.

Your Desk Area

While it’s tempting to bring lots of electronics into the workspace, we often forget about the number of cables this involves. Consider how many of these are 100% necessary and if possible, store non-essential items in a box and only bring them out when you need them.

Rather than allowing your office space to accumulate odds and ends over your week, have a designated drawer or box for work papers and stationery.

Seeing a tidy desk will make you feel more motivated to start work afresh in the morning and there is plenty of research showing tidy habits make us healthier and boost our concentration levels.

There are some excellent innovative solutions on the market for keeping your cables tidy, from sleeves that hold your cables together on the floor to stick-on cable management solutions that you can stick on your wall and under-desk trays.

Investing in a supportive chair is particularly crucial. Ergonomic chairs ensure your body is kept in an upright position while you work, providing support to the spine, hips, and neck and reducing your risks of certain issues both now and later in life.

Let’s talk about lighting

Your lighting affects productivity, mood, and the quality of your Zoom calls, so you’ll want to ensure you spruce up your work-from-home space with the right desk lamp.

Find something with bright, vibrant colours to make you feel more upbeat as you get on with your 9-5.

If your office is big enough, you might even want to consider a standing lamp. If you can position this from a front or side angle, this can also put your appearance in a more flattering light on Zoom calls.

Adding Décor

When you’ve sorted the basics, use clever décor to give your home office a finishing touch.

Plants give a fresh, balanced look to any workspace and create an effortless aesthetic that will make you feel more positive as you work, and there are so many options to choose from.

Reed diffusers are a lovely way to incorporate scent into your working life. Citrus scents are fresh and invigorating and will help you feel alert for morning meetings, and if your job is more stressful than you’d like, a lavender scent could help make you feel calmer and more relaxed.

A bright rug can add a lovely finishing touch to a neutral carpet or laminate floor, and this will also provide a Zoom-worthy background aesthetic for your space.

Whether you are fortunate enough to have a designated office space in your home, or you are making do with a bedroom corner or kitchen table, it’s reassuring to know that making your desk an easier and friendlier place to work is an achievable goal, and these tips are the perfect way to get started.

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