We are proud, at FU Media, to announce our new FUFighters ‘Superhero PR’ packs to you.  Each pack is punchy, powerful, and puff-free.  This is Superhero PR designed to drive your business, support your decisions, and reinvent your future.

In times of global pandemic and a killer virus that’s changed the world forever, our lives and livelihoods have never felt more under threat. The past few months have taught us one lesson: fight or be forgotten.

Out of the chaos comes a new world order. A group of women and men who offer insight, wisdom, strength, and agility to stand by your side and fight for your best future.


Nearly half the population of the UK read a piece of PR crafted by FU Media in May.  That’s nearly 30 million people.  We could’ve been telling your story. As Enrique said, ‘We can be your hero, baby.’

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