Online Competitions in the UK You Can Enter Right Now

Feeling lucky? Read on to find out a few of the best online competitions in the UK you can enter today
Feeling lucky? Read on to find out a few of the best online competitions in the UK you can enter today

There’s arguably no better way to start the new year than by winning a competition that barely took effort to enter. Whether it is a new car or a holiday to Greece, here are a few of the best competitions you can enter online right now. 

Win a Brand-New Car

For as little as £0.79, you can win a brand-new car. Yes, you read that right. Dream Car Giveaways has multiple cars up for grabs, including a 2020 BW M3, a Porsche Cayman GT4, and a Mercedez-Benz C63. 

To win a car, you only need to choose how many tickets you want and answer a simple question. Not only is there a lot of variety, but the competitions are updated regularly, giving you multiple chances to win. 

Win a Villa in Mallorca

Image by: Eugene Zhyvchik via Unsplash

If a car isn’t enticing enough, what about an extraordinary villa on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca? The villa is over 5,500 square feet and has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a pool. 

Entering is simple; all you need to do is start a subscription. Different subscription tiers offer varying entry amounts. There are also early bird prizes and £250,000 in cash for the winner, on top of your new villa. 

Win £1000 Worth of Prizes From Allplants

Allplants is a plant-based meal service looking to change how we buy and consume food. They pride themselves on being sustainable and true to their name, using only the freshest ingredients and having completely recyclable packaging. 

Their current competition will see the winner take home six months’ worth of Allplants meals, a coffee machine and frother, a cooking set, gift cards, and much more. Entry is simple, too; they only need your name and email address, and you are in the draw. 

Bushcraft Experience in the Lake District

If you want something very different that will take you off the beaten track, why not take the chance at winning a seven-day bushcraft adventure in the Lake District? This prize offers everything you need to get close to nature and learn a few skills on the journey. 

The winner will receive a seven-night stay at Lakelands and introductions in the fields of fire and shelter making. You will also be able to explore the surrounding area, learn about the flora and fauna that calls it home, and have an overall relaxing and tech-free getaway. To enter, visit the Visit Lake District website, fill in a few of your details, and answer a couple of questions. 

Three Nights in Mykonos

If you prefer the beach over the bush, then a holiday on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos is right up your alley. Conde Nast and the sleek resort Once have joined forces to offer an ultra-relaxing and luxurious short getaway. 

The resort has a spa and a world-class restaurant and is a short drive or walk from the beach, boasting everything you need for an unforgettable trip. Simply head to the Conde Nast Traveller website, answer a simple question and fill in your details to enter. 

Image by: Natalie Sim via Unsplash

Tips for Comping

When entering competitions, you should remember a few tips that will save you time and give you the best chance at winning. 

Be Picky

First off, remember to be a bit picky. Many competitions include some sort of financial aspect, such as a subscription or purchasing something from the company first. Because of this, entering as many as possible can get expensive very quickly. 

Secondly, don’t waste your time on prizes that just aren’t for you. If you don’t own pets, you don’t need to win a year’s supply of dog food unless you plan on donating it. Enter competitions for things you want, even if that means only entering one every few months. 

Look for Extra-Effort Competitions

Extra-effort competitions often give you better chances of winning because most people are unlikely to enter. Whether buying a product or finding a specific spot in your city and taking a photo there, these seem easy, but many will pass them by because they don’t want to put in the effort. 

Keep Track of What You’ve Entered

Always keep track of the competitions you have already entered, as many will have a “one entry per person” policy, and extra entries could get you disqualified. Have a checklist where you can keep track, as this will also prevent you from entering ones repeatedly without improving your chances. 

Image by: Tom Rogerson via Unsplash

Be Consistent 

Finally, be consistent. Your chances can sometimes be far better than you think simply because many people don’t enter the competitions. However, if you aren’t entering them either, you have no chance of winning. 

Therefore, stay consistent, considering many competitions don’t require much more than an email address and two minutes of effort; you can easily find the time to enter a dozen at once. 

Enter Now

Some of the best competitions are happening right now, and are waiting for you to enter them! As mentioned in the beginning, if you use some of the tips above, you could be driving a new car or relaxing on a Mediterranean beach very soon.

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