13 Incredible Stories That Will Leave You Gobsmacked!

13 Incredible Stories That Will Leave You Gobsmacked!

Catherine Williamson, the flamboyant Leamington Spa-based executive coach, writer and podcast host, has announced the launch of her new book, Gobsmacked! The Podcasts, hot on the heels of her worldwide-smash podcast.

The book features the stories of thirteen ordinary – but remarkable – people, each with their unique gobsmacking stories to tell, as originally featured in season one of the Gobsmacked! podcast.

The stories are diverse, heartfelt and thought-provoking. How would you react if terminal Cancer robbed you of your speech and you had to learn to talk again? What’s the story behind the ex-soldier who became an ultra-marathon addict to raise awareness of PTSD? How did a police officer find goodness after dealing with a schoolgirl murder? How do you survive – and thrive – knowing you could suffer a fatal heart attack or aneurysm every day due to a rare medical condition? Explore the answers to all these questions and much more in the fascinating chapters of Gobsmacked! The Podcasts

Catherine isn’t interested in the tales of the elite or celebrities – she loves to uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary. Chapter to chapter or episode to episode, Catherine expertly draws out the fascinating tales of ordinary people with extraordinary, gobsmacking moments.

“The thirteen guests included in this book – and who all appeared on Season One of the podcast – range from nannies, bodyguards and police officers to team leaders and property developers.  Their gobsmacking, extraordinary stories traverse terrorism and counterterrorism, gang-land revenge killings, epic human endeavours, and the sheer determination to live against all odds. Together, their collective voices have a theme: how they helped themselves and gained the wisdom that got them through their life’s challenges,” explains Catherine.

Finding Gobsmacked! moments

Catherine continues: “A Gobsmacked! moment is one where the trajectory of our life changes, perhaps forever. It can leave you reeling, or it can renew you. In my podcast, I wanted to delve into those life-flipping moments with real people to not only find out about their extraordinary stories of when they were left gobsmacked, but also how those events have altered their lives ever since.

“After recording the Gobsmacked! podcasts, and really getting absorbed in these stories, I wanted to share them on paper, so that you (the reader) could pause and consider the messages within the words.”

The Gobsmacked! The Podcasts book, out NOW, is a compelling exploration of the human spirit, resilience and the profound connections that can be forged through sharing our vulnerabilities and stories.

Catherine believes her background as an executive coach gives an added sensitivity to every interview and podcast. 

She expands: “I am, and always have been, deeply curious about people so why not interview them about the moments that changed the path of their lives? My background as a coach gives me an added layer of insight and empathy as an interviewer. Yes, I want to uncover the story and make my guests shine, but I can also step in when things become overwhelming. It’s using these skill sets to create conversations with purpose, leaving both the guest, the podcast listener – and now, the reader – in a stronger place.”

Gobsmacked! is enjoyed in 87 countries over six continents and is available on all major podcast outlets (Spotify, Apple and Google) as well as YouTube.

Gobsmacked! The Podcasts is available to order in paperback on Amazon and www.gobsmacked.me for £14.99 as well as an audiobook on Audible.

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