Leading print company Prontaprint pledges support to Coventry city centre


Leading print and design business Prontaprint has announced it is joining Coventry BID, in a move which will see the company work with other local businesses to boost the city centre and push towards the UK City of Culture celebrations next year.

Prontaprint, which has a long-standing presence in Warwickshire, also has offices in Stratford-upon-Avon and Leamington Spa. It opened a new print, design and fulfilment centre in Coventry this year, just before Covid-19 restrictions hit.

“This year certainly hasn’t worked out the way we expected which is why it is more important than ever we pull together as a business community. We are finally able to expand our operations in Coventry and want to show our support for this diverse and vibrant city centre by becoming part of Coventry BID.” (Tadhgh (Tig) Martin, Director.)

Prontaprint is one of the most recognised names in printing, delivering all aspects of printing, design and distribution, but in response to the Covid crises the company used their experience and technology to add an entirely new arm to their operation. Earlier this year they started developing Covid-19 support products, including social distancing signage and face shields, for use in local businesses and organisations.

“We realised quickly that businesses would not be able to function without these types of support products. Fortunately, the advances we are constantly making in print technology allowed us to react fast to provide our business community with what they needed.” (Alex Graham, Director.)

Contributing to the community is key to Prontaprint, which prides itself on developing long-standing business relationships. The company operates with a close-knit staff, who are looking forward to getting to know their new clients and fellow businesses in Coventry.

“We welcome having such a long standing and committed member of the business community join Coventry BID. When leading businesses such as Prontaprint join our organisation it furthers our mission to promote, develop and boost the city centre to make it a great place to work and visit.” (Trish Willetts, Director, Coventry BID.)

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