The Belgrade Theatre will host a digital streaming of a Contemporary reimagining of the Oscar Wilde classic, set in a profile pic-obsessed, filter-fixated world where online and reality blur. Influencer Dorian Gray makes a deal for his social star never to fade and for the perfect self he broadcasts to the world to always remain. But as his mental health starts to decline, as corruption and murderous depravity start to creep into his world, the true and horrific cost of his deal will soon need to be met.

The titular role will be played by Fionn Whitehead, best known for his critically acclaimed performance as the protagonist Tommy in Christopher Nolan’s Academy Award nominated war film, Dunkirk.

The Picture of Dorian Gray will reunite the creative team behind acclaimed digital production What a Carve Up! with Henry Filloux-Bennett writing the new adaptation with direction by Tamara Harvey.

Henry Filloux-Bennett and Tamara Harvey said: “So many of us have found ourselves living in an ever more online world over the last year. But the benefits and the connections digital have offered us come with a darker side – deterioration in mental health, isolation, online manipulation to name just a few. Following ‘What a Carve Up!’ we really wanted to explore what would happen if you brought Oscar Wilde’s Faustian tale kicking and screaming into a world of Instagram, Facebook and dating apps.”

The Picture of Dorian Gray will push the theatrical form, telling this new adaptation through multiple forms such as elements found in radio plays, films, documentaries as well as traditional theatrical techniques.

The production will be available internationally, running from 16-31 March.

Tickets can be purchased at with audience members receiving a screening link which will activate on their booked performance date for a 48-hour period. Tickets are priced at £12 which will include both a link to the production as well as a digital programme. Audio description and closed captioning will be made available for the production.

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