Fairfield Prep Pupils Break Record for Charity

Hundreds of pupils and staff from Fairfield Prep School in Loughborough have raised their collective singing voices to break a world record and raise money for charity.

360 children and teachers were part of the attempt to set a new record for the most people singing a single song in a relay as part of its fundraising efforts for Rainbows, a hospice for children and young people.

Mr Andrew Earnshaw, Headmaster accompanied by Mrs Lindsey Ridley, Teacher and organiser of today’s world record challenge, accompanied by Bow Bear from Rainbows and the children of Fairfield Prep School.

Under the close scrutiny of independent observers the assembled pupils from Years 2 to 6, accompanied by staff, sang ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow’. Everyone present had a specific word to sing, at the right point in the song with each year group representing a colour of a rainbow.

Andrew Earnshaw, Headmaster of Fairfield Prep School, explained that the record attempt had raised a further £331 for Rainbows Hospice. He said:

“We have raised more than £3,000 for Rainbows this year as part of our wider fundraising efforts and the world record attempt will be added to this total. It was great to see the pupils come together in an attempt to set a new world record for a worthy cause – it only took one practice run to get the whole song word perfect!

Fairfield Prep School pupils took turns to sing a word of ‘I Can Sing a Rainbow’.

“We’re awaiting confirmation from Guinness World Records adjudicators who are verifying our attempt, but we’re hopeful to be confirmed as world record holders in the near future.”

For more information about Fairfield Prep School, please visit: www.lsf.org/fairfield


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