Loughborough Schools Foundation: A-level Results

The Loughborough Schools Foundation have revealed the A Level Results for 2018.

The Loughborough Schools Foundation have revealed the A Level Results for 2018.


A-Level students entered: 122

Exam entries: 431

Percentage A*: 18 %

Percentage A* to B: 75 %

Percentage A* to C: 93 %

Additional statistics:

  • 205 A* and A grades
  • 20 boys achieved 2 A*s or better
  • 41 boys achieved 3 As or better
  • 6 boys achieved places for Medicine, and 2 for Dentistry. All boys holding Oxbridge offers had their places confirmed
  • 25 boys achieved the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification including 17 at A*/A

Headmaster Duncan Byrne said “Loughborough Grammar School is delighted with boys’ outstanding grades in the reformed A Levels this summer. Collectively boys achieved 205 A*/A grades, and no fewer than 20 of them achieved at least 2 top A* grades. We can’t forget, however, that success looks different for each individual student, and I would particularly commend boys who have made enormous progress during the Sixth Form in order to attain results that they originally thought beyond their reach. Their fierce work ethic, coupled with the selfless support of skilled and dedicated subject teachers has helped them to exceed their expectations. As a result, the vast majority of LGS leavers have achieved their first choice of undergraduate course, and can look forward to a sterling university career.

Moreover, we are also proud that boys’ impressive exam success has been achieved whilst maintaining a healthy sense of balance in their lives through participation in sport, music, drama and CCF. In order to prepare boys for university and happy and fulfilling lives beyond, our academic focus at LGS is always complemented by the extra-curricular, which has given these boys the skills and resilience to thrive as young adults.”

Contact details:

Website: www.lsf.org/grammar

Email: [email protected]
Tel – 01509 233233
Twitter – @LboroGrammar
Facebook – Loughborough Grammar School



A-Level students entered: 76

Exam entries: 230

Percentage A* to A: 47.8 %

Percentage A* to B: 79.1 %

Percentage A* to C: 93 %

Additional statistics:

  • 7 students have 2 or more A*
  • 23 students (30%) have gained all A/A* in their A levels
  • 45 students (56%) gained all A*-B
  • 1 student into Cambridge

Head, Gwen Byrom, said: “I am so pleased with the results that our LHS Year 13 students have achieved once again this year.  They have coped brilliantly with the uncertainty of a revised, more challenging set of specifications and the changes to the UK exam systems.  They can be very proud of all they have accomplished.  In addition to their exam results, they have continued to do all the things which are so important in a well-rounded education, including sport, the arts and a commitment to helping those less fortunate than themselves through charity fundraising and voluntary work.  It has been a real pleasure to see them through the school and we wish them the very best as they leave us to follow their chosen path.”

Contact details:

Website: www.lsf.org/high

Email: [email protected]

Tel – 01509 212348

Twitter – @LboroHigh

Facebook – Loughborough High School



A-Level students entered: 20

Percentage A* to A: 21.4%

Percentage A* to B: 57.1%

Percentage A* to C: 75%

Dr Julian Murphy, Headmaster, said: “We are very pleased with our A Level results this year. More than 20% of our grades are A*-A and nearly 60% are A*-B. I am particularly pleased that our more recently appointed staff have all shown their undoubted ability through an excellent impact on results in their particular subject areas.”

Contact details:

Website: www.lsf.org/amherst
Email: [email protected]
Tel – 01509 263901
Twitter – @LboroAmherst

For further details on all A-Level results and individual success stories at each school, please visit the websites and social media channels detailed above or visit www.lsf.org.
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