Tough Mudder Comes to the Midlands for Three Epic Events Across Two Weekends

Tough Mudder Comes to the Midlands for Three Epic Events Across Two Weekends

Back after its 2017 debut, Tough Mudder will bring Toughest Mudder to the UK, designed to push Mudders to their limits during an 8-hour, overnight event.

Unlike regular Tough Mudder events, this will follow a similar format to World’s Toughest Mudder (24-hour endurance event) as competitors go head-to-head to complete the most miles in an 8-hour period.

Over two weekends in May, the Tough Mudder team will be bringing the event to the Midlands at Belvoir Castle, Grantham with the following events:

tough Mudder Full

Tough Mudder Full is a team oriented 10 mile (18-20 km) obstacle course designed not only to test physical strength but also mental grit. With an innovative course that has inspired more than 3 million participants worldwide, Tough Mudder Full is the premier adventure challenge series in the world. In 2018, Tough Mudder events across the UK and around the world will feature new and world class obstacles designed to test your physical and mental strength. More than 95% of participants register as part of a team; to encourage teamwork and camaraderie over competition, the events remain untimed.

Tough Mudder Half

Tough Mudder Half is a 5-mile challenge through mud and obstacles specifically designed to test your teamwork and toughness, while requiring less training. With the help of fellow Mudders you’ll take on heart pumping challenges and have fun completing them together. With no ice, no electricity, and 13 obstacles to get through, this is a unique experience for you and your friends. For those who are new to the world of mud runs and endurance events or not quite ready to commit to the Tough Mudder Full, Tough Mudder Half is the perfect introductory event.

Tougher Mudder

This event takes our signature 10 mile course and adds a competitive, timed twist. Typically the first start wave of the day, Tougher Mudder allows participants to push themselves to a new level, while still maintaining our core values of teamwork and camaraderie. Mudders who particpate receive unique finisher gear, an official course time and have the ability to win prize money.

Midlands (Weekend 1), 12th May, Belvoir Castle, Grantham

Midlands (Weekend 2), 19th – 20th May, Belvoir Castle, Grantham


Those interested in registering for Tough Mudder Full, Tough Mudder Half or Europe’s Toughest Mudder and future events before they sell out can check out the new to sign up.
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