Til Death Do Us Part: Picking the Perfect Wedding Band by Johnsons Jewellers

We talk to the goldsmilths at Johnsons Jewellers about wedding rings

Searching for the perfect forever ring can be a daunting prospect especially when you think that this is something that
you’re choosing something that will last you a lifetime. It’s definitely a job for the professionals such as Johnsons Jewellers
where they have a wealth of rings on offer. So how do you narrow down the wide choice that is available?

Most Ladies will naturally choose a metal to match their existing engagement ring with Platinum or Gold being the top choices, whether that be white, yellow or rose Gold. Platinum being a pure metal, the colour will always be white and will retain its lustre and shine. Thanks to a re-emergence on the catwalks, the traditional warmth of yellow Gold is becoming the metal of choice for more and more ladies.

But what about the guys? As a wedding ring can be the first ring a man has ever worn he can feel a little self-conscious so it is important that he chooses something that he feels comfortable with. Titanium and Palladium based wedding
rings have been popular in recent years and with Titanium rings starting from as low as £90 this metal has become an affordable option for many. Palladium has also seen a recent surge thanks to its affordability in comparison to platinum. Deriding from the platinum group of metals, palladium is like a sister metal to platinum. It stays white in colour and is hard wearing.

Wedding rings can be made to be as narrow as 1mm and can go up to 12mm in width but you’d need long fingers to be able to carry a ring that wide! The trick is to try as many rings on as possible to find what suits you. Ladies will need a width
and shape to complement their engagement ring and it’s important to make sure that the wedding rings sit
snuggly next to it. There is a wealth of different patterns from court, traditional court, flat edged, flat top to name
but a few. The only way to decide what is best for you is to feel comfortable in the ring and ensure that you are happy to wear the choice of ring for the rest of your life!

This is where a physical store wins hand-down over online. Every time.

A number of different patterns are available from bead edge to blossom patterns. Or why not try something reallyv different? Add a thumbprint of your bride/groom to be? Or for those with children you could add their thumbprint! Engraving is also a popular choice for those wanting to personalise their ring; Roman numerals for your anniversary
( he’ll never forget your anniversary that way!)or your names beautifully entwined.

As thSPARKLE?e saying goes – diamonds are a girl’s best friend and most ladies are now choosing diamonds in their wedding bands. Anything from a single diamond as a “gift from their groom”, or several diamonds to represent one for each of the children that they may have. Or for those really wanting to go for it and have a fully set diamond band, the choice is endless.

After all that,if you stillcan’t find what you are looking for, from our vast choice of wedding bands on offer, then Johnsons Jewellers have a resident goldsmith who can design something completely bespoke for you.

Johnsons Jewellers is at 51 Queen’s Road, Nuneaton. www.jonhsonsjewellers.co.uk

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