5 Design Classics to Invest In

5 Design Classics to Invest In

With the growth of fast fashion, many of us have found it difficult to justify paying out thousands on designer items however there are certain items that make sense to save up for and keep in your wardrobe forever writes stylist Cleo Lacey.

Here’s her five picks of designer pieces that will never go out of style. Best get spending…

1. The Burberry Trench Coat will last for years. Got for Camel as it goes with everything and will never go out of style. The amount I find in clients closets that they’ve literally had for years, and I mean years! Try discount outlets such as Bicester Village to try and get a saving.

2. Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram. Go for an iconic style such as the speedy or Neverfull as they are the perfect tote for work, travel or daily use. Louis Vuitton luggage is also a fail safe investment and an incredibly chic and stylish way to travel with vintage pieces selling for more than brand new ones.

3. A Hermes Scarf, Birkin Bag or Belt. Three fail safe classical investments that every dream wardrobe should have. Go for the silk Hermes scarf in their signature orange colour to add a little pop of luxury to any outfit. With regards to the Birkin bag, yes they are a fortune but luxury online retail platform Baghunter claims that they make a better investment than gold! Unlike stocks and shares the value of the Birkin handbags has never decreased, even during times of recession and economic difficulty. The Birkin bag is the safest and least volatile investment market. Show that to your husband! If the bag is still way out of your reach then opt for the Hermes classic “H” buckle belt. I have had my black and tan reversible one for over 8 years, I wear it so much and could sell it now for pretty much what I paid for it even in a used condition.

4. A Quilted Chanel Bag, like the Birkin, will only ever increase in value and if you take good care of them you’ll be able to resell them for a good price. I would personally go for the classic quilted 2.55 with a gold chain in black or cream. Breakfast at Tiffany’s eat your heart out!

5. Cartier Love Bangle is definitely on my wish list. You can’t get much better than a red and gold box! A timeless tribute to a passionate romance (it is fastened only by your love using a special screwdriver)
designed to be worn for the rest of your life. It will age gracefully with you and become an heirloom for future generations. If you so happen to part with the man with the screwdriver, then you can still sell them at extremely good prices.!

Your Fairy Clothes Mother xx

Working as a Buyer and Image Consultant for high street fashion chains as well as high end designers, including Amanda Wakeley, Cleo now runs her own personal styling and shopping service, helping real men and women to take control of their wardrobe.

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