STYLIST’S CHOICE: The Perfect Swimwear for your Body Shape

STYLIST'S CHOICE: The Perfect Swimwear for your Shape

A well-cut swimsuit can make you look as though you have shed pounds and work wonders at helping you to look and feel at you’re best. It obviously depends upon the individual, but if you want to feel stylish and comfortable whilst you’re by the pool or on the beach then I really would treat yourself, writes personal stylist and DLUXE women’s style correspondent Cleo Lacey.

Be sure to try your swimwear on before you buy, so you know what it looks like on you. If you need to go up a size compared to what you wear in regular clothing, do not despair! Swimwear tends to be cut smaller and fit tighter. Panic over.


Your swimwear should flatter your exact body shape and accentuate your positive features as this will naturally detract from the negative areas you don’t like. Most people feel insecure about at least one part of their body. Those insecurities can definitely amplify when the bathing suit season arrives. We can’t
change Mother Nature but we certainly can disguise her! Here are a few of my top style tips and tricks for all body shapes to help you become a complete beach bombshell!

Gottex Le Jardin £159

If you carry your weight on your hips and thighs, let’s slim that pear!
Pear shapes generally tend to have a good tummy, so let’s show this off with a two piece.

  • Avoid detail on the bottom, the less going on there the better! Opt for a solid plain coloured bottom
  • Bring the focus upwards, try a top in a lighter colour, with fun
    details or a pretty pattern.
  • Choose a fairly high-cut bottom, this will slim the thighs and create the illusion of longer, leaner legs.
  • Avoid boy shorts, although very popular with ladies trying to hide more flesh around the bottom and thigh area, they are actually very unflattering. They can shorten the appearance of your legs and make you seem wider than you actually are.
  • Many two-piece bathing suits are now sold separately, allowing you to mix and match and purchase a top and bottom in the exact sizes you need.
  • If you would feel more comfortable in a one-piece then always choose a plunging deep V-neckline.
  • Although flattering on virtually any body type, they’re especially flattering on bodies with full hips or thighs such as a pear. This is because they draw the eye to the upwards to the top half of the body.

If you’re concerned about your stomach area, here’s some tummy trimming wonders!

  • Avoid a tankini at all costs! A tankini is a two piece swimsuit with a longer top that usually draws eyes right to the stomach area (the place that we are trying to avoid). They tend to ride up and expose what you don’t want people to see.
  • Do show some skin in your one-piece swimsuit. A highcut leg or low-cut top will draw eyes away from your middle area.
  • Don’t go for a shiny fabric, it highlights every lump and bump. Matte is much better.
  • Another great way to disguise a tummy is with ruched gathered fabric, this can be very flattering and camouflages extra weight and adds a decorative detail to the swimsuit. It can also pull you in and shape the waist. There are lots of slimming swimsuits out there designed to suck you in and flatter your tummy.

If you’ve got curves, embrace and flatter them!

  • Play up your curvy shape with a fun print. Because an hourglass figure is considered the perfect shape for swimwear, you can feel free to choose a more dramatic print that will draw attention to your body.
  • Don’t shy away from stripes, just be sure they’re vertical or angled across your body.
  • Emphasize your defined waist by choosing a two-piece swimsuit. Bikinis show the most skin and will highlight your curves the best.
  • If your curves need toning slightly do not despair, you can still wear a bikini, just avoid thin string ties, which can dig and create bulges.
  • If you are not comfortable wearing a bikini but don’t want to go for a swimsuit then try a tankini. These styles cover most of the stomach but feature a separate bottom, offering the convenience of a twopiece with more coverage.
  • If you do prefer a onepiece swimsuit then go for a wrap style, perfect for cinching in your waist and showing off your curves.

Remember to finish your swimsuit or bikini off with a gorgeous beach bag, some fab sandals or flip flops and a nice cover up. I advise a lot of my clients to buy a plainer swimsuit for investment purposes then add colour, print, pattern and even embellishment with a Kaftan. This will really polish off your beach/pool look. A kaftan is also great to use for other purposes on holiday such as wearing it in the evening as a floaty top with linen trousers or denim shorts. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure and become the sun goddess you have always dreamed of, those holiday snaps need to be shown off not hidden away! Still panicking and need a little help? You know where to find me…

Your Fairy Clothes Mother xx

Working as a Buyer and Image Consultant for high street fashion chains as well as high end designers, including Amanda Wakeley, Cleo now runs her own personal styling and shopping service, helping real men and women to take control of their wardrobe.
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