The Millennial Puffa Jacket Trend Explained

The Millennial Puffa Jacket Trend Explained

One of the more prominent and notable fashion trends amongst millennials has been the puffa jacket. This bold garment has been a key piece of streetwear fashion for a long time and it has sharply risen in popularity lately and looks set to be a key piece in the near future. In addition to the bold style, puffa jackets are also highly practical in that they are lightweight yet very warm which is why they are such a great winter investment and used heavily in winter sports.

History of the Puffa

The puffa jacket dates back to 1936 where it was invented by Eddie Bauer who dubbed it the Skyliner – Bauer designed the jacket with encased down feathers within quilted fabric due to the fact that he almost lost his life due to hypothermia early in the year. The jacket was patented 4 years later and it has reappeared in fashion on a regular basis since this point.

The Millennial Puffa Jacket Trend Explained


Why is it so Popular?

The puffa jacket is a popular garment because it can be a bold statement piece while also being highly practical. This is a rare combination that you do not get with many other coat or jacket types so it is ideal for those that like to turn heads but still want something that will protect them from the elements come winter. You can find examples of puffa jackets that combine practicality and glamour from reputable suppliers like Belstaff.

The puffa jacket has skyrocketed in popularity lately with oversized statement versions being a key fashion piece. This is, in part, due to the rise of streetwear and athleisure trends but also because huge names like Rihanna have been seen wearing them.

Will it Stay in Fashion?

It is easy to see the fashion trend continuing due to the popularity of athleisure clothing and the fact that this piece is both practical and stylish. Fashion is cyclical so it is likely to fade at some point and then reemerge as a new trend once again in the future.

The Millennial Puffa Jacket Trend Explained

How to Wear it

This is also a jacket that is very easy to wear by keeping your neck visible and your legs streamlined. It can then be paired with practically any type of clothing and it is a jacket that can be worn for a wide variety of occasions and provide plenty of warmth and comfort.

The puffa jacket is a fashion piece with a long and interesting history and currently one of the most fashionable garments available. High-quality puffa jackets are brilliant for warmth and repelling harsh winter conditions, plus its bold and noticeable styling ensures that this is a piece that makes a statement which makes it the ideal item for fashion-conscious individuals who still want something practical.

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