Just in time for GBBO fever, Britain Loves Baking have launched a fun new range of single recipe kids baking boxes containing everything Junior bakers need to create simple sweet treats from scratch.

Boxes are delivered directly to your door and each box has all the dry ingredients including replacing butter for healthier ambient Coconut Better or Rapeseed Oil. Everything had been measured and weighed out, so the only ingredient you need to add is an egg.

Choose from:

  • Strawberry shortbread & White Chocolate Lemon Icing
  • Berry & Chocolate Cupcake with Strawberry Frosting
  • Orange Chocolate bread
  • Banana Cupcakes

Or just in time for Halloween, why not try making Scary Skeleton Gingerbread People, with a large skeleton cookie cutter and a Halloween themed fondant icing set or Orange Chocolate Cupcakes with Orange and Chocolate frosting tubs, scary sprinkles and a selection of free evil pumpkin cupcake toppers.

Each box is made with high quality ingredients contain no additives, natural colouring, flavours, and child-friendly recipe cards. These easy-to-follow illustrated recipes allow kids to do most of the baking themselves. Although, with a little help from the grown-ups every now and then. Each box comes with a special surprise baker’s tool making the boxes even more fun and it’s helps kids start their own collection of bakeware.

Boxes start at £7 up to £15 for a Limited Edition Large Halloween Cookie Box plus postage, customers can order at

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