It’s National Hot Dog Day – but NOT Dogs as we know it!

It’s National Hot Dog Day - but NOT Dogs as we know it!

This week marks National Hot Dog Day in the US – a day to celebrate the old-fashioned dog in a bun…but there is a new fast food making waves in the UK with it’s Meaty Dogs Without the Meat – a hot dog (or Not Dog should we say) that’s so tasty you wouldn’t miss the meat.

Dubbed The New Fast Food; meat free alternatives of our favourite dirty food are gaining momentum across the world – just look at Lord of the Fries in Australia, and the success of Beyond Meat in the US – Not Dogs joins these innovative companies serving up classic fast food menus with a meat-free twist.

With a unique and exciting menu co-founders Katie McDermott & Jane Yates created Not Dogs and travelled the UK festival scene for two years before opening their first fast-casual restaurant in the iconic Bullring in Birmingham just before Christmas 2016 – their home city.

Items that fast sell-out include The Original Frank, a Not Dog topped with Heinz Ketchup, French’s Mustard, American Cheese Sauce and their signature recipe of beer-fried onions, The Plain Jane and Kickin’ Katie Nacho Dog (named after the founders) and their newest item The Queen B Burger made with Not Dogs’ Secret Sauce – a burger so juicy meat-eating customers are opting for this over the fast-food alternatives on the market.

Co-founders Katie & Jane said “This year we want to rename this day to Not Dogs Day! Whether you eat meat, trying to reduce the amount of meat you eat, or are veggie or vegan, Not Dogs is a place that whatever your diet preferences everyone can enjoy the fun and excitement of the Not Dogs menu together!”

To celebrate National Not Dog day customers can devour the Plain Jane for free all day on Sunday 23rd July .

Not Dogs was featured this year on BBC’s Dragons’ Den & are due to open a second location by the end of this year.

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