Put The Tip Into Tipple

Asparagus Gin is the latest creation to bring to life the Vale of Evesham’s venerable veg. Launched to celebrate this year’s British Asparagus Festival, which was in full force in Worcestershire until the end of June, the distillers, Hussingtree Gin, are amongst the first to successfully use asparagus as a botanical.

They’re certainly the first Worcestershire based maker to use world famous Vale of Evesham asparagus.

Numerous distillers have attempted to incorporate asparagus into their gins, but with varied success. The team at Hussingtree Gin spent over six months experimenting with the distilling processes and botanical blends to unlock the vegetable’s unique flavour.

One question that everyone has been asking is whether asparagus gin has the same effect on the human body as the vegetable itself and the answer is apparently not. The process used to make it seems to knock back those chemicals responsible which will make the hangover more bearable.

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