Simla Restaurant Relaunch

The Prime Minister’s recent decision to implement a 10pm curfew on the hospitality industry has had ramifications for businesses across the UK. However, this hasn’t deterred business owners in North Warwickshire from continuing to invest in new restaurants and bars, all while providing more jobs for the community.

Those craving a unique experience of Modern Indian cuisine will be delighted to hear about the relaunch of Café Simla – which has been rebranded as Simla Restaurant – on Wednesday 30th September.

Launching a new restaurant amid a global pandemic has presented many challenges for Mo Nanu, the Proprietor of Simla Restaurant, who has been forced to think creatively in order to overcome these. Simla Restaurant will be a new dining experience for many, which will include early sittings for guests, to ensure the duration and quality of their visits are not compromised. When combined with the addition of the Zenna Bar, customers will be able to feel as though they have been ‘out out’, whilst remaining in a single venue and adhering to current social distancing guidelines.

Café Simla first opened its doors in 2001, after Mo Nanu had spent many years indulging in family recipes and working in a relative’s restaurant. Despite extensive praise from all its customers, Simla’s team thought the brand deserved some TLC after many years of successful business.

While the restaurant and brand itself have undergone a significant revamp, including the venue, bar and menu, the inspiration behind Simla remains the same. Deriving from love and determination, the dishes on offer are complex combinations from the royal kitchen of North India and the coastal cuisines from the Southern States. When visiting Simla, you can expect everything from Malai Salmon, to Tandoor Palak Paneer and Bhajiya Pao. This exploration of Pan-Indian flavours is what makes the restaurant so unique, and simply, a must visit venue.

The new and improved venue not only provides customers with the luxury of intimate dining in the spacious restaurant, but the addition of the Zenna Bar allows guests to soak up the glitz and glamour that Simla has to offer. The talented mixologists are also on hand to make your ideal beverage, whether this be the classic Pornstar Martini, or the Zenna special, consisting of Rooster Rojo Tequila, Cointreau, Lime and Passion Fruit. So, with a wealth of cocktails and different drinks to choose from, the Zenna Bar is the perfect transition after your delicious meal.

The brand boasts a modern approach to authentic Indian cuisine, which is translated throughout every aspect of the venue; the restaurant and bar have contemporary designs and luxurious undertones throughout. Although Simla restaurant is aiming to attract consumers of all ages, the essential requirement for a visit is an admiration for Indian cuisine.

You can find Simla Restaurant in Dordon, North Warwickshire, conveniently located on the A5 between Tamworth and Atherstone.

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