Sweet Like Stirrd: Brand-New Subscription Service delivers proper, hand-made fudge

Not sure what to get for the person who has everything, if they’re a foodie they will love Stirrd, a brand-new monthly subscription service delivering proper, hand-made fudge & other premium confectionery through your letterbox.

Stirrd are here to share their years of know-how with other folks who appreciate the good stuff.  Always hand made, in small batches, and always full of flavour. And yes, you really can taste the difference.


With Christmas around the corner and the hunt for the ideal gift taking place, Stirrd have announced a special price offer. From Black Friday (26th Nov) until Christmas, a single box price will be £9.99 (down from £11.99), making it the perfect present under £10 for anyone with a sweet tooth! – 3-month and 6-month subscriptions are also available, priced at £28.99 (down from £34.99) and £55.99 (down from £67.99). Use code: FUDGEFRIDAY to redeem this exclusive offer.


Stirrd delivers melt in-the-mouth, good-for-the-soul fudge straight to your door. Always hand-made, in small batches in our old copper pans because it tastes flippin’ amazing that way. And packed and shipped within days because fresh tastes better.



Beautiful simplicity, no half measures, keeping it real, charmingly honest, rebellious and encouraging!


All Butter Fudge: The crumbly, melt-in-the-mouth classic.

Mince Pie Fudge: With sweet raisins, mixed peel and warming Christmas spices.

Milk Chocolate Butterscotch: Crunchy, buttery shards smothered in milk chocolate.

For information on ingredients visit: https://www.areyoustirrd.co.uk/subscribe

For more information on how Stirrd works visit: https://www.areyoustirrd.co.uk/

Keep up with Stirrd news and follow them on: Instagram @areyoustirrd Facebook @areyoustirrd

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