The Best Drinks For Autumn.

the best drinks for autumn

Nature’s green has faded to a warm glow, the air has a cooler crisp, and your walk to work
has a new rhythm of crunchy leaves. Autumn has arrived.

Are you looking for the best drinks for Autumn? You are in the right place. As the world winds down for its chillier chapter, seas of swimsuits in high street windows become snuggly scarf landscapes, and tropical iced teas are replaced with hot, creamy lattes in your favourite coffee shops. Sipping a frozen watermelon daiquiri when you’re wrapped in cosy jumpers and a woolly hat feels somewhat out of fashion.

Autumn is the season of change, and you may think about changing up what you’re drinking
at this time of year to make the most of the fabulous flavours it has to offer.

Apples are the shooting stars of Autumn. Being at their most abundant and best quality from
September through to November, there is no better time to use these gleaming spheres of
deliciousness. Freshly pressed, homemade apple juice is perfectly fluffy and flavourful when
shaken into cocktails, mixed with your favourite spirit, or served as a healthy non-alcoholic
option for non-drinking guests. Combining different apple varieties, experimenting with their
different sweet and tart flavours, and finding your own perfect apple juice recipe is a very fun
rainy-day activity! Apple juice mixes well with bourbon whiskey for a very smooth, sweet,
honey-ish drink.

Bison grass vodka, apple juice and a pinch of finely ground cinnamon is a simple Polish cocktail
called Szarlotka. This is one of the best drinks for Autumn. Bison grass vodka has a floral, grassy, and slightly nutty taste, and when
combined with the other ingredients will have you reminiscing of long autumnal forest walks
and apple pies.

If apples are the shooting stars, then spices are the sparkly fallout. Like glitter, spices end up
EVERYWHERE in the Autumn season. Candles, coffee, cakes, cookies, and even shampoo!
Alcoholic drinks are no exception to the rule. Spiced rum is the obvious choice, with every
brand already having a well-established secret spicy formula on the market. Though, if rum
isn’t your thing, then have a browse of your local supermarket’s gin selection. More and
more brands are leaping on the trend and bringing out special spiced gins. You can even
make spiced gin yourself, by adding cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, cloves, nutmeg, and
whatever other spices you like to a bottle of regular gin, leaving for a week and then
filtering. Pair with an orange or berry-flavoured tonic, and you have yourself a warmer twist
on the refreshing Summer classic.

Perhaps for you, the first falling leaf signals the start of the darkest, spookiest, most
magnificently dressed celebration of the year: Halloween.

If you already have your house
decorated with jack-o’-lanterns, this next cocktail is one to try.

The ‘El Diablo’ (meaning ‘the devil’ in Spanish) is a boozy berry highball with a kick of ginger
that’s certain to get those broomsticks twirling. Simply add 3 shots of tequila, 2 shots of
blackcurrant liqueur and 2 shots of lime juice into your cocktail tin (or cauldron!) and shake
with ice. Pour into 2 ice-filled tall glasses and top up with ginger beer. Garnish with a wedge
of lime and get your Halloween party started!

No matter how you celebrate Autumn’s arrival, be sure to make use of the exciting new
ingredients and inspirations it brings. And, of course, have yourself a drink!

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