The Rosemary Water That Really Toasts Your Health At Harvey Nichols, Birmingham.

Water That Really Toasts Your Health At Harvey Nichols, Birmingham.

No. 1 Rosemary Water, the world’s first pure rosemary extract drink, has launched exclusively at Harvey Nichols Birmingham. Boasting a whole host of health benefits, this distinctive drink only has two ingredients and no additives: ethically sourced pure rosemary botanical extract and pure spring water. It is also sugar free, contains no artificial sweeteners and is allergen free.

The sparkling water is the brainchild of David Spencer-Percival who was inspired by Acciaroli, an Italian village where more than one in ten residents lives to the age of 100, while low incidences of Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cataracts and other ailments associated with very old age are reported.

When scientists visited the village, they identified one potentially crucial variable: a high concentration of rosemary in the local diet. According to research, one of the key roles of the herb is enhancing memory performance, and one penny from every bottle of No. 1 Rosemary Water sold will be donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

“I was so inspired by the story of Acciaroli but I wasn’t really looking to eat dried rosemary every day,” explains David. “I thought it would be better consumed another way and thought ‘What about a drink?’ and the idea developed from there. Our goal was to get the plant’s unique and extraordinary health benefits into an enjoyable beverage you could drink every day, and I’m delighted that we’ve accomplished that.”


David and his team are currently collaborating with two universities on pilot studies into the drink’s memory enhancing effects; and the brand has also captured the attention of a range of academics, including Professor Mark Moss, Head of the Department of Psychology at the University of Northumbria, where he has studied the effects of rosemary for more than 15 years.

David adds: “I’m incredibly excited about the work we’ve done so far and the work of the botanical scientists to produce the natural extract – this is not an essence or a ‘sprig of herb in water’ but a complicated and scientific approach to extraction and this is only the beginning.”

No1 Rosemary Water is available from the Foodmarket at Harvey Nichols, The Mailbox. Bottles cost £2.95 for 330ml and £3.95 for 750ml. The team will be offering complimentary tastings in store this Saturday, May 6, and Saturday June 3 from 1pm-6pm.

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