Ahead of his exhibition at Oberon Gallery, we caught up with ketchup bottle artist Edward Waite

Ahead of his exhibition at Oberon Gallery, we caught up with ketchup bottle artist Edward Waite

Ahead of his exhibition and Meet The Artist event at Oberon Gallery in Leicester, we caught up with critically-acclaimed cityscape and ketchup bottle artist, Edward Waite, to find out his artistic process and what people can expect from the exhibition.

Tell us about yourself

I grew up in Skegness on the Lincolnshire coast. I worked as a beach lifeguard in the summer holidays which is where I got my inspiration for my first pieces of artwork. I was painting surfing silhouettes and waves, taking inspiration from my surroundings on the coast.

Where did your love of art and painting begin?

I’ve always loved art. My Auntie Jane was an art teacher when I was younger and she always encouraged me to keep experimenting.

Describe your style.

I use sauce bottles filled with paint to add movement and 3D texture to my cityscapes in the final stages so they all finish with a life a of their own.

What inspires your paintings and sketches?

I spent two years after university travelling. I visited lots of different cities and carried pocket sketchbooks with me to note down and sketch anything that I found inspiring. These helped me create my first collection

What is your artistic process?

I take some photographs but I create an initial sketch as a blueprint for the painting so I can map out how it’s all going to work on the canvas.

How did you get spotted initially?

I was working on some paintings in my parent’s picture framing business and one of the suppliers came in and put me in touch with Buckingham Fine Art Publishers.

Your work is highly sought after, how does that feel?

Amazing! I’m always pleased when someone loves one of my paintings enough to buy it but I am surprised at just how successful I have been, it’s a dream come true.

Are you aware of any famous people owning your paintings?

Yes, I have had a commission from Coronation Street’s Mikey North and Tom Daley the Olympic diver bought one of my pieces at my Plymouth exhibition. I also have a piece in Phil Collins’
house, which his agent bought for him.

Is there any city in the world you have not yet painted?

I’d love to do Hong Kong one, day but that is one place I never got to on my travels.

What is your favourite place in the world and why?

My favourite place is New York; it is where I had my ‘eureka moment’ to use sauce bottles in my work.

Yes, I love Leicester and I’m really excited to be coming back to visit Oberon Gallery on October 14th!

What can the people of Leicester expect to see in the exhibition?

They should expect to see my journey around the famous cities of the world and there will also be some local gems of Leicester brought to life in my unique style.

Do you have a favourite painting of your own?

My favourite painting is the Taj Mahal as this is where I proposed to my wife and it is the only painting of my own that I have on the wall at home.

You’ve achieved great success and are still under 30: what is the proudest moment of your career so far?

One of the first articles ever written about me, 4Walls magazine described me as “on the way to becoming one of the most renowned artists of his generation”.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t be afraid of being knocked back and keep going.

What is your advice to anyone considering the purchase of art for the first time?

Always buy what you love and can’t be without!

The Edward Waite ‘Meet the Artist’ event takes place 14th October.
To sign up to this event and be kept up to date with Oberon Gallery news and events, head to their website www.oberongallery.com
Oberon Gallery is at 27 Loseby Lane, Leicester, LE1 5DR. Tel 0116 253 8484.

For more information on Edward Waite, check out www.edwardwaite.com

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