How to Land Your Dream Job With Simkissguy

We’ve teamed up with Midlands recruitment specialists, SimkissGuy Recruitment and over the next few editions will be interviewing several of their recently placed candidates

Stuck in a job you hate but nervous or unsure about how to change it? Good news, we can help! We’ve teamed up with Midlands recruitment specialists, SimkissGuy Recruitment and over the next few editions will be interviewing several of their recently placed candidates to discover how they helped them land their dream jobs.

Meet Kirsten Allan, six months ago Kirsten was stuck in a mundane role at a national supermarket but was desperate to develop her career in an industry that excited and challenged her. Today, Kirsten is Front of House Executive at the dynamic city property agency, FleetMilne Property. Here’s how she did it.

Kirsten, why did you want to move into the property industry?

I’ve always been extremely interested in property and from a career perspective felt it was an industry that I could work long-term in, people will always need a place to live! It’s also an incredibly fast paced industry, meaning I’ll need to be constantly learning and evolving, which is a challenge I relish.

You don’t have any previous experience in this sector, how difficult did you find getting interviews?

It was difficult. I found a lot of people were unwilling to give me a chance because they assumed that given my current role I wouldn’t have the necessary skills and this definitely affected my confidence. Luckily for me, Emily from SimkissGuy Recruitment actually took the time to get to know me, discover what my aspirations were and what kind of roles I’d feel comfortable applying for.

How did you overcome the lack of experience in your CV?

People have more experience than they think! Although technically as a home shopper I was putting bananas in a basket, you need to recognise the skills that employers are looking for. So, whilst I may only have been packing bananas, ensuring that they weren’t bruised or damaged and packed correctly actually demonstrated my attention to detail and strong work ethic.

After Emily secured you the interview at FleetMilne Property, how did you prepare?

I basically stalked the company online! FleetMilne Property has a great reputation in the city so I was already aware of them, but Emily helped me ensure that I understood what type of properties FleetMilne specialised in and had a more rounded knowledge of the current market.  She also advised me to research the people interviewing me, something that I’d definitely recommend as I think it helps make the actual interview a little less daunting.

How many interviews did you have before you were offered the role?

Technically I only had one interview, but following my face-to-face chat I also needed to complete a Belbin Test to give them an idea of whether I would work well in their existing team. When I first applied for this role it was only a five-month fixed term contract but I’ve now been made a permanent member of the team. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t turn any opportunities down as you just don’t know what they could lead to – I suppose you could consider my five-month contract an extended interview!

Finally, do you have any advice for others looking to work in the property sector?

Never be afraid to ask as many questions as you can! It’s a fast-paced industry so do your research, spend time on sites like Rightmove and Zoopla to get a good feel for the current market and keep up to date. It’s all definitely worth it though; I’ve grown so much in the last six months that I wouldn’t recognise the person I was before. I was severely lacking in self-confidence but now I love going to work and meeting new people!

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