We interview Marc Fuccio of Remy Hair & Beauty as it Rediscovers its 50 year Heritage

We interview Marc Fuccios of Remy Hair & Beauty as it Rediscovers its 50 year Heritage

One year on from the death of his father, Remy of Remy Hair, Marc Fuccio talks exclusively to dluxe LEICESTERSHIRE & RUTLAND magazine about how he plans to take, arguably, Leicester’s biggest-ever hair salon brand into the future – something he knows his Dad is watching over each day.

Tell us a little bit about the history of the salon?

It was established by my Dad in 1979 . My Dad originally came to England in the 60s as it was the hair fashion capital of the world and he knew that this is where he had to be to further his career. As for coming to Leicester; this was a city that was blooming with new business and creative opportunities. He’d been working as an apprentice with maestro Di Lucca in Milan, followed by moving to Carita in Paris. Once he hit the UK he worked with companies Vidal Sassoon & Leonard which then helped him to
establish his own style and look.

Is it right that he set up Remy with the Mascolo Brothers who later went on to form TONI&GUY?  
The Mascolo Brothers were already establishing themselves, however, my father saw a new future
and so together they opened their first salon in Leicester as Remy, TONI&GUY on Belvoir Street. Although the salon was very successful, a few years later my father decided to take his own path.

Your Dad went on to launch the Remy Hair Extensions, which are now sold across the world – how does that make you feel?

Although the brand was initially designed and produced by my father, the product was advanced and pushed by another company. However, I still feel very proud of the fact that his idea/design is now one of the leading hair products around the world, and this is why we stock Remy Hair at the salon with our new Hair Up/ Extensions stylist.

Your Dad was known across the world and not only styled celebrities but also had clients fly in from the four corners of the globe. This must feel like big shoes to fill!

To be honest, I can’t explain how proud I am of my father. Coming from Sicily to being one the most well-known hair designers around the globe is just outstanding. And YES, these are very big shoes to fill, indeed. However, with all the superb support, especially from clients, I think he would be proud.

A year on, how do you think you’ve coped with being catapulted to the Head of a successful hair salon – something that’s not your background?  

At first it was a daunting thought, but with the support of a brilliant business partner, Sho Barber, and my wonderful staff (Peter, Linda, Shannice, Corey, Hydie, Dee & Shannon), the transition from working in the music industry to a hair salon hasn’t been as difficult as I once thought. The reason being, I’ve been managing DJs and Club Brands like Ministry & Cream etc for the last 10 years or more, so am used to managing a business. The challenge for me has been to familiarise myself with the hair product side of the business, but although it’s been a steep learning curve, I’m really proud of the team and everything we have achieved; both Corey & Shannice have really blossomed and have been producing some outstanding creations.

What’s been the biggest lesson you’ve learned over the last twelve months?

Keep calm, don’t panic and plan.

What do you think your Dad would be saying to you if he could witness the changes you’ve made and are planning to make?

I think he would be very pleased with our changes. Not only do we offer the same high-quality work, but we’ve also ventured in to Hair Up, Hair Extensions and we now also stock jewellery. We have also just launched a One Stop Shop for Weddings and other events, which include offering musicians, marquees including furniture, DJs, Live PAs and, of course, the hair and make-up for the bridal party, whether in the salon or onsite.

Lilian Lacey jewellery available to purchase at Remy Hair & Beauty

What is next for the business?

Well we’re really looking forward to developing the wedding and events side of the business that I mentioned. We also have some new and exciting staff joining us shortly, plus, we’re expanding Remy Beauty.

You have an event planned to relaunch the business, what can we expect from the event?

Hahaha, yes, the event is now in its final process where we will be bringing a new event to Leicester that will incorporate the salon, its staff, but also a damn good music event at the same time. We want to offer a whole new experience to the public that we feel will catapult the salon to new heights. Watch this space for a new era.

Remy, 20 King Street, Leicester LE1 6RL.
Tel: 01162559697

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