MY LEICESTERSHIRE: Professional Singer and Vocal Coach Lizzy Rushby

MY LEICESTERSHIRE: Professional Singer and Vocal Coach Lizzy Rushby

Lizzy Rushby is a professional singer and vocal coach who performs and teaches in the city. As a vintage singer Lizzy’s clients have included major charities, Fraser Urquhart Media, Curve and the Royal Air Force association. She’s recently been cast as June Carter in the touring theatre show The Soul of Johnny Cash & June Carter.

She studied acting at Birmingham Theatre School and De Montfort University and is head of Leicester Singsong and the CC Gospel Choir.

When did you first come to Leicestershire?

Leicestershire has always been my home, I’ve spent some years in Colchester and Birmingham but I always return to Leicester. I first performed here and set up my singing practice in the city.

Where do you call home in the county?

My home and my teaching space is in Clarendon Park. It’s where I spend the most amount of time and I truly love what I do. Every week I’m coaching lots of different types of voices and helping people to improve their singing.

What is it about Leicestershire that makes you stay here?

Leicester feels like a big city packed into a small town, there is so much variety here and things that you just wouldn’t expect from a city of its size. Almost anything you want to do or experience you can here, we’re incredibly spoilt and it’s wonderful!

What do you love most about Leicestershire?

There is a great creative hub in Leicestershire. We’re lucky to have lots of theatre and arts spaces in the city and a concentration of creative groups and organisations that make good use of them. I get to work with a huge variety of clients from musicians wanting to improve their vocal technique, theatre practitioners prepping for auditions to complete beginners inspired by shows they’ve seen in the city.

What frustrates you about it?

I think people can run Leicester down unnecessarily, and not appreciate what we’ve got here. We’re a city of festivals, creativity, parks and open spaces, with a great hub of independent businesses and you’re never too far away from the stunning Leicestershire countryside.

What makes Leicestershire a great place in which to do business?

As a professional singer its central location makes Leicester so convenient nationally for travel. I start a theatre tour with Cash Carter Together this Autumn (singing the part of June Carter) and it’s great not being too far from anywhere.

Our Cash Carter Together tour begins locally at Melton Theatre in October before moving on to bigger theatres around the UK, although we’re officially launching the tour at Leicester prison a month before as its 50 years this year since Johnny Cash recorded his live album behind bars at Folsom State Prison. There is growing number not only of vintage events, but country music events coming to the, county and our show ‘The Soul of Johnny Cash & June Carter’ gets to be a part of that which is really

What’s your favourite place to eat in the county?

There are so many! I think if I had to pick one it would be The
Case – always a favourite!

What’s your favourite bar?

The area around The Case and St Martin’s has really become a destination but, as I spend so much time in the Cultural Quarter, the lure of the cocktails at Manhattan 34 is just too hard to resist!

What’s your favourite walk?

I like popping into a nearby villages for a stroll and pub lunch. I’m lucky enough to have Great Glen pretty much on my doorstep.

What’s your favourite thing to do in the county?

Take in theatre show with a bit of pre-theatre dining and maybe a drink or two afterwards – that way your mind and your body gets fed!

In your time here what has surprised you most about Leicestershire?

Leicester really punches above its weight in so many areas and is
really vibrant. I meet people all the time who originally came to
the city to work or study for a few years and stayed permanently.
It really is home.

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