Are you a Christmas Grinch? Highcross vows to bring back your Christmas Cheer

Are you a Christmas Grinch? Highcross vows to bring back your Christmas Cheer

On 14th December, Highcross will have its very own seasonal holiday hypnotist, whose festive spell will change those loathing Christmas, to loving Christmas, as if they were five years old again.

Christmas scrooges struggling to feel the festive spirit will have the chance to run wild with a childlike imagination, as famous hypnotist Alan Bates weaves his magic and reintroduces them to Santa Claus as if for the first time. After losing decades in seconds, big kids can talk presents, sleighs and reindeers with the man in red before returning to their normal state.

With adults complaining of stress when having to prepare for Christmas day, from militantly planning Christmas dinner to figuring out how to ensure the entire family gets along, Highcross will be offering the ultimate bookable nostalgic Christmas experience to rediscover love for the season.

Highcross have trialled the experience with three lucky customers to give a sneak peek into what can be expected, footage can be viewed from Monday 10th December. The service will be offered to the public for one morning only on the 14th December.

Phil Drinkwater, Regional Marketing Manager at Hammerson commented: “We all remember the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning or going to meet Santa and almost bursting with excitement. For us, being able to offer a one-off opportunity for adults to feel the real magic of Christmas once again is so exciting, and shows that our Hammerson centres are not just somewhere to shop, but a destination, delivering unforgettable experiences for everyone all year round.”

So if you’re a self-confessed Grinch, or know someone who is, get yourself down!