BBC Radio Leicester Calling on Listeners to Design a Flag for Leicestershire

Leicestershire – the only remaining English historic county without its own flag – is going to get one thanks to BBC Radio Leicester.

The station is calling on their listeners to design a flag that will celebrate the county’s heritage and culture.

Anyone can enter by visiting to download an entry form.

The winner will be chosen by a judging panel of high profile experts and celebrities including Priya O’Shea (Bake Off 2019) Susan Whelan (Leicester City FC Chief Executive), Mark Oakley (Director of Inward Investment and Place Marketing) Rosemary Conley CBE, Philip Tibbetts (Communities Vexiologist at The Flag Institute) and Pete Wardman, Programmes Editor at BBC Radio Leicester.

BBC Radio Leicester Editor Sophie Shardlow says: “Despite its rich history and long, proud tradition, Leicestershire has no flag. We want our listeners to design one and put our home county on the map in 2020!”

The winning flag will be officially registered, flown from public buildings and by anyone else who wants to express their love of our beautiful county.

Priya O’Shea – 2019 Bake Off Contestant says: Leicestershire is such a diverse county with so much to celebrate – great produce, sporting achievements, wonderful green spaces and historical sites. I’m delighted to be on the panel and I’m excited to see the entries, and the creative ideas that come forward from across the county!”

 Susan Whelan – Leicester City FC Chief Executive says: “Given the sense of local pride that exists throughout Leicestershire, it feels appropriate that the design of a flag that represents the county’s rich history and distinct identity should come from within its diverse community. I feel honoured to have the opportunity to personally play a small part in contributing to that process, as Leicestershire raises its colours on the map.”

 Mark Oakley – Director of Inward Investment and Place Marketing says: “With 2020 vision we need a county flag that truly symbolises Leicester and Leicestershire, our communities and our fabulous offer to visitors and businesses.  Distinctiveness is key to me.  I am looking forward to championing creative designs that really help us stand above the rest.”

 Rosemary Conley CBE – Broadcaster, Diet and Nutrition Expert says: “As we are the only historic county in the UK without a flag, I am really excited that soon we will have one! I can’t wait to see the designs created within the community.”

Philip Tibbetts – Communities Vexiologist at The Flag Institute says: “It is incredibly exciting that the very centre and heart of England, Leicestershire, is set to complete the country’s tapestry of county flags. It may be the latest but as a county famed for its sport, food, history and industry Leicestershire has the potential of being the greatest we have seen yet.”

For more information on how to enter and terms and conditions visit
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