Celebrate Mother’s Day at Barnsdale Gardens with a Spring in Your Step

Celebrate Mother’s Day at Barnsdale Gardens with Spring Walks

Spring will be coming soon to Barnsdale Gardens based in the heart of Rutland and the explosion of colour will offer an array of gorgeous ways to welcome in the warmer months and just in time for Mother’s Day.

Mums can in fact be spoiled rotten at the gardens with a bounty of treats on offer as well as a good old fashioned stroll around the grounds so you can relish the stunning gardens and get inspiration for the renovation of your own little patch of heaven back home.

The gardens in spring

March is the perfect time to come and see just what a fabulous time of year spring is, with the gardens emerging from winter and giving lots of interest and a promise of summer.

Each garden will showcase a wide variety of trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs and the month ornamentals in March such as the following are looking absolutely splendid: Flowering cherries, Leucojum (false snowdrop), flowering currants, heathers, Primula, dwarf Narcissi, Chaenomeles, Pulmonaria, Helleborus and Muscari.

The ‘Japanese Garden’ looks exceptional this month, split into two distinct halves by a winding slate path, it illustrates two very different styles of garden found in Japan. Each item is meticulously placed as it has real significance within the holistic look and feel of the space.

The ‘Rose Garden’ showcases more than fifty varieties of roses. Clever use of underplanting provides the garden with year-round interest, while the covered seat is the perfect place to enjoy the spectacular sight and intoxicating aroma of some of the world’s most special species of rose.  Looking wonderful in March are the two magnificent flowering cherry trees!

The ‘Modern Estate Garden’ incorporates a patio, lawn and enough plant features, borders, scree and pergola to interest any keen but busy gardener. This garden too is resplendent in spring with Pulmonarias and new shoots from shrubs such as Spiraea.

Mothers’ Day at Barnsdale Gardens: 10th March, 9am – 5pm

Garden fans of all ages will love Barnsdale on Mother’s Day: it’s the most exciting time of the garden’s year, when everything is really coming alive again after the long winter snooze, with hundreds of bright spring blooms carpeting the borders, beautiful birdsong and the scent of flowering shrubs in the air. On this special day, Mums (if accompanied by children) visit the gardens for free.

For more information on Barnsdale Gardens, please visit barnsdalegarden.co.uk

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