Celebrity Diet Author Speaks At FAB Clinics

There was standing room only as over 80 people packed into Fab Clinics for their informative “anti aging” evening.

Rosemary Conley CBE, at 72, personifies the Fab Clinics mission of helping people ‘look your very best, whatever your age’

Rosemary talked about her simple methods she has used through her years to always look and feel fabulous. She demonstrated her latest device, Facial Flex, which, used for a few minutes daily, prevents the sagging of the lower part of the face. As with all great innovations, simplicity is the key and many left the evening with the reasonably priced Facial Flex.

Fab owner, Elena Chapman, enthralled the room with her simplistic explanation of the science behind many of the Fab treatments. Collagen, the glue that holds us together, is produced by the body constantly, but deserts the skin at the age we need it most. Whilst the technology is complex, the simple effect of the treatments is to trick the body to induce collagen to the skin and the dramatic results, evidenced by before and after photos, are naturally achieved by the body as a result of the inducement of the various technologies.

Dyan Williams gave an informative talk on the complementary effects of the Alumier cosmeceuticals, only available from qualified aestheticians due to the high concentrations of active ingredients.

Kathryn Danzey of Rejuvenated informed the room of the superb nutritional supplements and explained why these are an important element to a healthy diet.

All the while the Fab aestheticians demonstrated treatments on willing models and explained how relaxing the experience is.

Owner, Elena Chapman commented that “the mood of people is changing from seeking perfection to looking healthy. Cosmetic surgery for vanity is in decline and being replaced by safer, effective treatments which really make people feel good about themselves.”

The event wrapped up with many taking advantage of the “on the night only” promotions and leaving buzzing from a wonderful and educational evening.

The next Fab event is being planned for September.

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